Next week – “Facing up to a Digital World” workshop. Do you need help getting to grips with IT? Come along

On Wed 9th May we’re holding an afternoon workshop at VANEL – “Facing up to a Digital World”. All the information has been circulated before – read the overview here and more general details last week here.

Places are still available, but please book via Karl before Tuesday 8th am (01472 361043/231123, Members/Friends of VANEL only. Free to attend. Book first please.

A talk at a conference in the last week made a point that too many charities are “archaic” and seriously behind the times with technology. Surveys galore back this up. The talk included the statement that “A charity that isn’t future literate is irrelevant at best, a weapon in defence of the status quo at worst.” (See here). Strong stuff!

Whether that’s totally true or not is beside the point. Most charities and voluntary organisations in North East Lincolnshire are probably only just about keeping up with the technology of now. New technology is being embraced by private businesses (Artificial intelligence is everywhere), public bodies (Government Digital Services are leading the tech revolution in government), and larger charities (Oxfam and others embracing AI and blockchain and more). But smaller charities barely have working websites, probably don’t have apps, may be dipping a toe in the water of social media, but are probably not dealing with much else. (If that’s not true and you’re being innovative then I’d really like to have you come along to the workshop next week!)

Another article (from NCVO) this week – What happens when your charity faces a cyber attack? What about cyber security – is that part of your plan?

Come along to our workshop next week. We’ll talk about the future. We’ll talk about the present and how you’re doing with all things digital. We’ll use some tools to look at your “Digital Maturity”. We’ll explore good innovations and ideas. You’ll learn something at the same time I hope, but we really want to know how VANEL and others can help you and your organisation to get to grips with technology and become “future literate”.

Let me know if you can come.