“Facing up to a Digital World”. A VANEL workshop (9th May) for those seeking to learn more about future tech and how our organisations need to be ready.

National reports year on year continue to show the voluntary sector lagging behind in understanding of technology and how to best use it. (See article recently). Our workshop on 9th May (for VANEL members) will explore future technologies, look at present digital skills and problems we need to overcome and investigate how we might make the journey towards improving our understanding and acceptance of technology and how we might benefit from it in the coming years.

There’s always a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping to solve problems, or Blockchain helping in humanitarian crises, of the Internet of Things. But what are all these things? Are they really going to help us? If so, how do we make that happen?

With many of VANEL members still barely online with functional websites, there’s probably a long way to go until we’re using the Blockchain locally to any real effect. But charities worldwide ARE doing this – so why? And how? And should we care or bother?

If you’re interested at all in tech for your organisation but don’t know how to proceed, then come along to our workshop at VANEL on 9th May and get involved in the discussions.

This is NOT training. You’ll learn lots I’m sure, but it’s an open ended (but guided) discussion to see who needs or wants help and how we might find this help. VANEL has been supporting our members with technology for years – with our WebClub, WebClub Gold, “Cooking up a website” training, building websites, putting digital strategies together and more. So we think it’s worth having a conversation to see what the next steps on the journey might be.

When and where?

VANEL offices, Bargate, Grimsby
on Wednesday 9th May, 1.30-4.30pm
Event is booking only and very limited places.

Event is open ONLY to VANEL Members and Friends (and we may need to limit the number of attendees from each organisation).

To book, contact Karl Elliott at VANEL (karl@vanel.org.uk / 01472 361043). I’ll be delivering the session.


It’s a discussion/workshop rather than training. But the agenda will be approximately four sections:

The Future: what are all these technologies that are here now and coming soon? Blockchain, AI, AV, AR, Big Data, Internet of Things, HealthTech and more. We’ll discuss them all to know where we are heading.

The Present: what is the technical situation now for our sector locally, our organisations and ourselves? Digital Skills? Digital Maturity of our organisations? Funding and investment? Board level understanding? Barriers and Problems? (And perhaps some examples to share of some great technological progress locally?) Cyber skills? Impact of GDPR? Websites, social media and so on…

The Journey: Where do we NEED to go? How will we get there? Do we need tech at all? Funding and skills needed? Support – from within or externally?

Next steps: VANEL provides a range of tech support services, expertise and experience. And there’s other ways to get support. So we’ll try and finish with some practical ideas on what we all need to do to get moving on using technology better (or differently).

Interested? Contact me to book a place.