Governance, Trusteeship and Leadership support

VANEL champions Good Governance across the Voluntary and Community Sector and aims to provide support and services to further develop leadership, trusteeship, project management and governance skills in the sector.

We provide training, consultancy, resources, information and other support to help you and your organisation to work better, more effectively and more efficiently.

This page serves as an index to all that we can help you with, but feel free to contact us direct to discuss any of these topics.

Note, June 2017:  These governance support pages are continually evolving, so watch this space and if in doubt ask.


The VANEL Trustee Network
A Network to connect trustees and leaders across the sector.  Ideal for trustees, committee and board members and senior managers.  Free to VANEL member organisations otherwise fees apply.

“Governance Weekly”
Our (normally) weekly public update on the VANEL blog of all things governance news related from that week

“The View from the Top”
Monthly e-newsletter to Trustee Network members covering in depth governance, trusteeship and leadership topics. (Currently on hold & relaunching July 2017)

the AboutGovernance website
Private discussion site where members of the Trustee Network can share resources, ideas and get and share support.

The Trustee Network website
A daily blog of governance, trusteeship and leadership thoughts, tips, ideas, resources and more.
Only available to Trustee Network members.  Use it to keep up to date on all things related to good governance.
(currently under construction June 2017)

The place on Twitter where you’ll find us tweeting about governance matters

Scheduled and bespoke Training and workshops
On a variety of governance, trusteeship and leadership topics.

All training is detailed on the Governance Training Calendar here

“Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees”
Training workshop for newer trustees. Scheduled every few months.

“Technology for Trustees” workshop
Training to support boards and committees embrace (or at least understand) technology and digital

“Better Boards” – Board Development Workshop
Training session run on demand to encourage and support board development

“Improving Induction” workshop
Helping you improve the way your trustees join your organisation

“Young Leaders Gym” and training WorkOuts
A series of 20+ mini-training “workouts” developed as part of “Young Leaders” to support younger (or any) trustees or leaders

“Mock Board Meetings”
Held occasionally to familiarise younger people to the technical workings of charity boards and committees

Governance Consultancy Service
Bespoke or ‘off the shelf’ consultancy packages to support Trustee Network members, their boards and trustees. Available in three scales of consultancy – “essential”, “effective”, “extensive”.  Fees apply so contact us for a discussion.

The IGNITE programme for Young Leaders
Big Lottery funded programme at VANEL supporting and encouraging young leaders (18-30)

Trustee Opportunities Support
We’ll share news of local trustee and board opportunities and keep an index of those volunteers interested in becoming trustees

Lincolnshire Volunteer Card (LVC) training
Six module training for volunteers which can also be relevant to newer trustees (who are volunteers)

The Governance Library
A book reference library (and other materials and resources) to support Trustee Network members

National Trustees’ Week involvement
Takes place in early November each year and VANEL always contributes and takes part locally

The “Young Leaders Network”
Was a Big Lottery funded project during 2016-17 to develop leadership support for younger trustees and leaders

The Trustee Network has its own website at with information about the Network and all the support initiatives.

“Working with the Code”
Training session supporting boards to adopt the Code framework to improve their governance

“Better Inductions”
Training session to help improve the way volunteer board members join your organisation

“Recruitment Refresh Workshop”
Training session helping to develop and improve your recruitment

“Governance Challenge Workshop”
An occasional Trustee Network workshop to challenge everyone and raise our game!

Supporting Volunteers Award ‘g’ – SVAg
VANEL awards SVA levels 1 & 2 to groups to accredit their quality approach to volunteer support. In 2017 we’ll be launching SVAg for groups demonstrating the way they support their volunteer boards and committees. Watch this space (launching Summer 2017).

Please note that VANEL is generally unfunded in our governance and leadership support work.  Hence, almost all of the services offered above are available as either a VANEL Member benefit or on a fee paying basis.  Only occasionally does grant funding subsidise these services.  Should you require these services, becoming a Member of VANEL first will allow you better and more cost effective access.

For any conversations and discussions about support around governance, trusteeship and leadership services, contact Karl Elliott at VANEL via, 01472 361043 in the first instance.