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Moving On: Volunteering and Employability

MOVE is a three-year Big Lottery Fund/European Social Fund funded Building Better Opportunities project aiming to help those furthest away from employment to identify, address and overcome barriers to find paid work. It brings together a strong network of 24 local third sector organisations to build on existing employability services and provide a more consistent, accessible and joined up support.

VANEL is proud to be one of the 24 partner organisations delivering this project acrosss the whole of Greater Lincolnshire. Peter Hewson is VANEL’s MOVE advisor.

Every Tuesday from 2:30pm until 4:30pm, Peter will be available at the Job Centre in Grimsby to encourage people to get involved with the MOVE project, using volunteering and/or training as a route that can be used to develop their skills and find paid work. Becoming a volunteer is an excellent way to demonstrate personal growth and development, increase self-confidence, and obtain up-to-date references. This is particularly important as many people who are unemployed, especially those who have been unemployed long-term, find themselves struggling to find work because they don’t have suitable character or professional references. This means that they are less likely to be considered for a position compared to their employed counter-parts. Furthermore, volunteering is a great way to meet new people, enhance your C.V, and gain relevant ‘work’ experience in a field that you may be interested in pursuing as a career in the future. This demonstrates to future employers your drive and commitment to working within a particular field and gives you the opportunity to discover whether or not it really is for you. Many third sector organisations give volunteers the opportunity to take part in ‘on the job training’, or obtain certain qualifications, increasing your future employment potential.

Becoming a MOVE participant

Particpiating in the MOVE project is free and independent of DWP or Job Centre Plus. Participation is not mandatory and you cannot be sanctioned if you decide that it isn’t for you. If you decide you want to take part after a chat with our MOVE advisor, we will check your eligibility and then work with you to identify your goals.
What can MOVE offer you?

  • Tailored one-to-one support from your MOVE advisor throughout the programme. Your advisor can make referrals to other partner organsations and work with you to help address the issues that may be preventing you from gaining employment.
  • Financial hel for childcare respite care and travel costs
  • Access to training opportunities where possible.
  • Employability support, including CV writing, application forms and interview technique
  • Networking opportunities
  • Work experience and an up to date reference through volunteering
  • Transferable and practical skills development
  • Ongoing support, volunteering or training
  • Access to ‘My Work Search’, an online employment skills, training and job search programme

For more information about MOVE and how you can get involved:

Contact Peter Hewson via

Or we have a general email,

Alternatively you can call him on 01472 231 123.