From email to websites to Apps to Artificial Intelligence, the Blockchain and Big Data. How is your group coping with the digital revolution?

If you’re struggling to understand technology or to put it to good use in your organisation, then you’re probably not alone. If you’re hearing the news talk about the Blockchain, the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence and you don’t see how these new ‘things’ are going to affect your non-profit (or yourself) then again, you’re probably not alone.

Technology can be baffling (AV, AI or AR anyone?). But often, even the very simplest technology is beyond the finances, resources or skill set of our smaller charities. Check how well your website is working. Or your CRM system. Or your use of Social Media. Or how old are your staff computers?

VANEL understands this. We’ve been supporting groups with technology for years now, and we know how hard it can be.

So if any of this seems relevant to you – please get involved with VANEL, ask the questions and see how we can help.

“Facing up to a Digital world” is our workshop on 9th May for those seeking to learn more about future technology and how we can get our organisations ready. Read all about this session and what we’re covering here. It’s free – but only for VANEL Member and Friend organisations.

We’re also re-running our “Cooking up a Website” half-day training session in May or June (subject to demand and at a date/time that suits participants). If you’ve not got a website, or you’re ready to rebuild yours or you simply need to get to grips with it properly but don’t have enough website development skills – then this is the session for you. This session is £20 per person (or £30 per person for non-members).

For any of these sessions please contact Karl Elliott at VANEL for more information or to book. 01472 361043 or

Of course VANEL can also provide IT support, IT consultancy, we can build your website for you, maintain and support it, provide you with IT training or support you in many other ways. We can start with the basics too and do an IT healthcheck. In all cases just contact Karl for a discussion about how this would work and the costs that might be involved.

So if you want to understand the rapidly evolving world of technology please get in touch – or simply start by joining in our “Digital World” workshop on 9th May