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Community Research Services

Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) Community Research Services

Community research involves the community both in responding to the research, for example by taking part in surveys and completing questionnaires and also in actually carrying out the research.

VANEL offers a wide range of different types of community research services, all charged at very competitive rates for our member organisations. We have staff members and associates trained in Planning for Real and Participatory Appraisal techniques who are all available to be commissioned.

While learning the processes involved in community research, participants gain experience and self-confidence, and are better able to both to carry out their own follow-up research and begin new research projects for the future benefit of local communities.

An initial telephone fact finding consultation is free of charge – up to 30 minutes. Our service charge rate is £25/hour all inclusive. Our rates for specific research contracts are by negotiation.

Why would a voluntary or community group carry out community research?

Question: funding bodies want to invest in projects that are needed by local communities so how does your group or organisation prove to them that your project is necessary?

Answer: you need to carry out some community based research and gather evidence of need. The type and depth of research needed depends on the size and type of project you are hoping to set up.

Why would a public service organisation carry out community research?

Question: public bodies need a rational to introduce changes to services and/or introduce new ones to how do they justify making changes and gain support for their proposals?

Answer: they need to conduct community based research with their service users to find out if the change would be acceptable and whether they may need to adapt it in response to feedback.

Why would a private company need to carry out community research?

Question: companies need to test out if new products or services they are developing would be of interest to existing and any potential new customers, so how do they do this?

Answer: they invite feedback from community members via surveys, questionnaires, product launch events, telephone interviews, on-line feedback forms.

We can work with our network partners to access thousands of local community residents to share opportunities to participate in your research project. Contact: