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About Membership

Membership of VANEL

 There are two levels of membership you can become a Member or a Friend.

To become a full Member, your organisation should:

•    be independent
•    be part of the third sector/non-profit sector – a voluntary or community group or organisation
•    not seek profit for itself or its members
•    be a registered charity or have a constitution that makes clear charitable objectives
•    have a written memorandum and articles of association or a constitution
•    have no restrictions on membership
•    have paid staff and/or volunteers
•    have a voluntary governing body or committee
•    have a health and safety policy or statement

Currently Membership for 2011/12 is free of charge.
Membership from April 2012 will be charged at £25 for the year.

It may be your organisation does not quite meet these criteria.  Maybe you are a trading social enterprise or community interest company, you may be a campaigning group or social or community group without clear charitable objectives, you might be an individual, private company, community foundation, trust making body or public body that otherwise supports the objectives of VANEL and wishes to be closely connected to us.  If this is the case then we would welcome your involvement by becoming a Friend.

Being a Friend of VANEL offers most of the benefits of full Membership but does not include voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Being a Friend has a £25 annual fee.

The North East Lincolnshire Compact

The Compact is a long standing agreement that sets out shared principles and guidelines for effective partnership working between government and public bodies and the third sector.  VANEL, many local public bodies and a considerable number of local third sector organisations have all agreed that these principles should underpin our work within the sector and have therefore ‘signed up’ to the Compact.

We encourage all VANEL member organisations to sign up to the understanding that is the Compact, so you will be asked when you join as a member to sign up too (if you have not already).  If you wish to discuss the Compact further, please contact any of the staff at VANEL to find out more (or visit for more information).


Any questions about membership please feel free to speak to any VANEL staff or trustees or to contact Peter Hewson, VANEL’s Membership Coordinator.

Call Peter on 01472 231123 or email

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Not joining yet?

If, for whatever reason you are not becoming a member, then please do keep in touch with VANEL and keep involved with our activities.  It may be you can become involved in one of our themed forums or networks or work with us in some other way.

You can keep up to date with VANEL through our website at not forgetting that the members news section of that site is only available to our members.