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At a fundamental level, VANEL is a membership organisation, supporting and working for the benefit of it’s Members and Friends.

This website gives us an opportunity for us to promote our Members and Friends and the work that they carry out or support.  In this section you can find public profiles of our members so that you can find out more about them.

This section is new and we are adding profiles only as we contact organisations and agree what information they want sharing.  If you have not yet been contacted but would like to get your profile up quickly, please contact Karl Elliott (via karl@vanel.org.uk or editor@vanel.org.uk) who can make arrangements.  If you are comfortable editing web content we can even give you a login so that you can do this yourself and keep your profile page up to date.

Read up to date news from our Members in the news section here or take a look at upcoming Member events here.

VANEL Members and Friends

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  • Chair: Trevor Wray
    Tel Gy 875018
    Chelmsford Avenue
    North East Lincolnshre
    DN34 5BY
    01472 875023 (Alison Proctor)
  • Chair
    Peggy Elliott
    for new email please see below
    30 Calver Crescent
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN37 9EX
    Vice Chair
    Noreen Turgoose
    59 Loft Avenue
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN37 9AG
    Kate Moore
    Janet Cowan
    Lynn Brittain
    Freshney Forward is the Neighbourhood Forum for Freshney Ward whcih includes Willows, Wybers, Aylesby Park and Great Coates. AGM is held in November. The Forum has been established for a number of years and is well represented by local residents. The group works closely with local agencies around issues of concern. holds monthly meetings (excepting August and Decemkber) at a variety of locations. – The Jubilee, BEK Church Hall, and possible Cromwell Road Fire Stattion.
    open to members of the public to raise issues . Annual Fun Days with events and attractions serve also to fund raise
    Freshney Forward Chair: Cllr Peggy Elliott
  • “Friendship at home is a service for older people who are resident in North East Lincolnshire. We offer a home visiting befriending service as well as introducing people to each other through our friendship clubs. We also encourage the more able-bodied to join in with our exercise groups.”

    c/o St AIdan’s Community Church, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 7RQ.
    01472 602500
    Lyse Stephenson
  • Chair: James McKeon (under review)
    Wayne Bloy is contact and treasurer (this under review)
    07824 6635311
    21 Rinovia Drive
    DN33 3RE
    The organisation is a CIO
    Based at Clee Youth Centre Ladysmith Road
    a safe centre where fitness and wellbeing is promoted through the sport of boxing and associated fitness activities. Open 7 days a week and uses structured classes and registered coaches for clients ranging from 4 years onwards. The centre has a boxing gym and fitness suite and is fire and risk assessed.
    Fund raise through fitness and running events, placed bids and grant applications and also have subscriptions.
    are planning a 3 stage programme of development for the centre which will include the provision of a kitchen and meeting room for community use and hire for 2016, and for 2016-17 a dance and fitness studio with changing a nd storage facilities.
    Chris from CERT has introduced them to VANEL
    added April 2015 as they will attend appointment with Rob Maylan
  • Chair: Alan Nicholson
    Tel: Gy 352006
    St Martins Church
    Sutcliffe Avenue
    moving from 05/08/2015
    transition period until 20th August
    6 Marklew Avenue
    DN34 4AB
    Tel; 01472 352006
    Shirley Nicholson
    the group plans annual events for young people, using professional artists, using sessions, devising dramas pieces to improve theatre skills


  • Dr Gharib
    best contact is
    Musrati Mustafa
    01472 751115
    North East Lincolnshire Council.Number
    Grimsby Islamic Culture Centre
    79A Weelsby Road
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN32 0PY
    01472 751115/07766560497
    Chair Delier Gharib
    Vice Chair- Ahmad Eimasri
    Treasurer-Dr Mohammid
    Secretary-Dr Mahmoud Samy
    work in the community, promoting contact wtih others in regard to the Islamic faith, increasing awareness and knowledge wtih Islamic people.
    services include prayer, worship, play and sport, teach in schools, and spread awareness. they provide neighbourhood services. would like to develop services such as over 50’s activities for those in the faith and then possibly expand beyond; also promote healthy living including diet, exeercise, health checks.for their community members
    Chairman is translator and they have a multi-lingual volunteer


  • Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society’s aim is to enhance the quality of life for blind, partially sighted and visually impaired people whatever their age or personal circumstances in life. We give practical help, advice and assistance. The Society is an independent voluntary organisation; if you are experiencing sight loss, we are here to support …


    Bradbury House
    LN11 0NB

    01507 605604/01507 608802


  • Kate Grimshaw-Business Development Manager
    West Central Business Park
    Runcorn Road
    LN6 3QP
    07917 673599
    fulfils the I RESPECT core values of each service user: inclusion, rights, excellence, and support, with potential, equality and choice- the mission is to allow those with disabiilities realiise their potential and live as full and independent life as possible





  • They provide volunteer members to work with young people on the verge of social exclusion from school.  The volunteers will be consistent adult role models who will work on a 1 to 1 basis to encourage the client to make wise and positive life choices.





  • Chair
    Ben Johnson
    78 Elliston Street
    DN35 7NN
    Jamie Ward
    56 Sherburn Street
    DN35 8TX
    Treasurer and best contact
    Chris Stanforth
    9 Phillip Avenue
    DN35 9DL
    07811 252983
    Develop and maintain outdoor and indoor urban sports facilities, and work with local communities and agencies to promote the benefits of alternative sports. They seek to engage young people in participating in their own activities and provide local people with the opportunity to join in together in events. GYPO seeks to enhance the partnership between agencies involved in providing young people’s services. The aims are carried out using BMX facilities, weekly youth clubs, BMX and local promotional events. Funds are raised from these, charity tubs and the sales oft heir own brand merchandise.
  • Chair Victoria Hartung – vchartung@icloud.com
    67 Bargate
    DN34 5BD
    07758 244487
    01472 877150
    The Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust (GGIFT) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It was set up in 2010 as a result of public meetings organised by Grimsby Cleethorpes and District Civic Society. GGIFT was created for those people who believe the Ice Factory has a sustainable future.
    David Ross
    Vicky Hartung (chair)
    Graeme Bassett (secretary)
    Tom Dannatt (treasurer)
    Lee Beckett
    Roy Horobin
    David Pitcher
    Susan Pitcher
  • Chair Victoria Austin
    Business Address
    170 Victoria Street, Grimsby, South Humberside, DN31 1NX
    John McLellan-Secretary
    61 Raithby Avenue
    DN41 8SG
    07921 387699
    provides increased access to learning, training, and work experience for the unemployed in the Humber Area
  • Chair: Neil Cartwright
    The Vanson Centre
    Green Futures
    Bradley Road
    DN37 0AA
    contact Carol Prendergast
    Tel: 01472 870609
    Website: www.greenfuturesgrimsby.co.uk
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenfutures
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/GreenFuturesGY
  • Contact Val Rowell
    42 Mendip Avenue
    DN33 3AA
  • Ann Marie Tuplin
    St Peter’s Church Hall
    70 St Peters Avenue
    DN35 8TH
    Gy 602080
    Facebook grimsbyanddistrictlivetathomescheme
    Ann-Marie Tuplin -Manager
    Anita Horton-Administrator
    Rosalie Drakes-Temp Administrator
    Reduces Isolation and loneliness in elderley people over 60 years of age and promotes health and well being. uses social groups, supported shopping, transport, hospital visiting, events and activities, signposting, exercise promotion at St Christophers and Fieldhouse Centre.
    Sidedoor Church Laceby Road – planned fortnighthly Friday social group
    depends upon volunteers
    Chair- vacant and looking for candidate
    Vice Chair-Pat Woolliss
    Secretary-Anita Hurton
    Treasurer-Frank Carr
    The group is part of MHA (Methodist Charity and Housing Association) – http://www.mha.org.uk/
  • Howard Mills
    Duncombe Street
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN32 7EG
    gy 349300
  • develops young people to allow the achievement of their full potential in their communities

    District Commissioner:
    Mike Waters
    433 Louth Road
    New Waltham
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN36 4PP
    Tel: 07807 013628


  • Chair: Gerry Hebdon-GY 220124
    Main contact
    Cath Homewood -Secretary
    127 North Sea Lane
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 0QY
    07926 516857
    Also Ken Homewood-Treasurer
    details as above
    Client group must be 18 years old and over.
    Organisation cooks meals at home and then provides these at the host, now in 18 Cleethorpes Road on Sundays from 12 noon until 2pm app. also carries out hospital visits to clients, their families, and significant others and provides toiletries to those who have none. they signpost clients to other services and also give a listening ear and a welcoming atmosphere to the disadvantaged. they are also involved with the Rehab services for those with drug,alcohol or mental health issues as provided by trhe Betel of Britain Chrisian gp-which operates nationwide and takes private clients, probation clients, gp referrals, social work referrals.
  • Contact: Katherine Storr
    Secretary Ann Thompson
    Treasurer Philip Thompson
    1 Ashgrove
    DN16 2EY
    079979 199860

    objectives to form links with the community and to become a training hub, connect with local schools and educational establishments to provide gymnastics facilities to promote health and fitness

  • Chair: Jonathan Lovelle
    Tel GY 311200
    Gill Alton – Chief Executive Officer
    Nuns Corner
    North East LIncolnshire
    DN34 5BQ
    01472 311200
  • carries out musical events in schools
    Mark Wilde-Treasurer
    Gill Wilde- Chair and Secretary
    68 Welholme Avenue
    DN32 0BP
    01472 873730
    The non profit making organisation promotes live jazz by supporting national and  international artists, They use events at the Grimsby Old Cllee Club, and the Cleethorpes Jazz Festival.  They are involved in educational projects to
    celebrate the jazz genre.  The group seeks to develop knowledge, understanding and an interest in Jazz and also
    develops the talent and potential of young musicians through workshops of high quality.  They also hold concerts.
  • http://www.grimsbyneighbourhoodcentre.co.uk/

    289A Weelsby Street
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN32 7JW
    Gy 348129 or


    Church Services on Sundays and Thursdays-open to all worshippers
    Children and Young People’s Groups (Centre to be contacted)
    Bible Study, Fun Activities, Keep Fit Activities (through Your Place) and Friendship Group (Navigo referrals only)
    Venue for East Marsh Involve
    Grimsby Neighbourhood Church comes under ELIM Pentacostal Churches wtih its own Trustees
    this runs Grimsby Neighbourhood Centre and Your Place who have their own shared Trustees

  • Orchestral and Musical Group
    promote knowledge of choral and orchestral music through performance and rehearsal-use the Central Hall
    Treasurer Mr Alan Ashton on GY 695860
    Main Contact
    Chair: Mar James Barley
    Gy 507936
    Donna Flockton is Vice-chair
  • Chair:
    Byron J Miller FCCA
    Secretary: Mrs Judi Coultas
    Treasurer: Mr Byron J Miller FCCA
    Telephone 01472 347914
    Address :
    1st Floor
    Rear of the
    The Willows
    23 Bargate
    DN34 2SS
    The charity provides housing accommodation for retired seafarers and their beneficiaries. The charity provides for the financial relief of beneficiaries who are in need, hardship or distress (widows and children of seafarers, retired and/or ill and disabled seafarers). Seafarer must have been lost at sea.
  • 5 Alexandra Rd, Cleethorpes DN35 8LQ – lifted from Google
    01472 694150
    Chair Graham Malster
    24 Albert Road
    DN35 8LX
    07703 067733
    Secretary Anne Prowse
    07796 688 248
    Treasurer Mark Jones
    077653 16090
    Provides care, welfare, comradeship and support to the RAF family. They meet at the Cleethorpes RAF Club in Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes usually at the weeks end. Committee meetings take place on the last Wednesday evening of every month.  As a branch of the Royal Air Forces Association they have a properly constituted committee including a Welfare Officer, and a Fundraising Officer. They carry out local welfare work for serving and veteran RAF personnel. Social facilities are provided for members to meet, and these are shared with community groups, including military veterans, ramblers, quiz leagues. The referee is Air Commodore Neil Gammon (Ret’d)



  • MAAG Hall,
    The Haycroft
    Haycroft Street
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN31 2EE

    Gy 353700

  • 73 Kent Street
    DN32 7DH
    N E Lincolnshire
    DN35 8LR

    Gy 01472 349991



  • The group supports those who are suffering from severe physical handicap by making grants or loans for a personal assistance programme, housing, training, employment, leisure or travel needs. The mission
    is to provide advice and guidance to people with disabilities to promote independence.

    Innovation Centre
    Innovation Way
    DN37 9TT
    01472 500335




  • YMCA Humber is a charitable organisation that provides short-term supported accommodation in the community for up to 98 young people.


    Management Office
    St Aidan’s Church
    Hart Street
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 7RQ

    Phone: (01472) 693388



  • East Marsh Involve is the Neighbourhood Forum for East Marsh Ward. The Forum has been established for a number of years and is well represented by local residents. The forum works closely with local agencies around issues of concern and is very well established employing its own members of staff.

    Chair and Main Contact
    Steve Beasant
    Gy 314183
    07941 858395 (private)
    51 Columbia Road
    DN32 8EA
  • Director – James (Jimmy) Johnson
    Co 3 St Martins Crescent
    DN33 1BG
    Director Tim Lawson
    The aim of the support service is to improve entertainment choices and experiences for those disadvantaged by the minimal standards of events and choices in their community. The group will raise funds by selling event management and support services and deliver whole events. using generated profits will allow subsidies for community organised events