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Young Reporters

Young Reporters has been running for over seven years now and is an opportunity for young people aged between 12 and 19, who can write a weekly column which is published in the Grimsby Telegraph covering a huge range of topics. It has also been a finalist for 3 awards both locally and nationally.

Groups run throughout the year with each group lasting for 3 months, giving each member the chance to write 3 columns. Young Reporters was formerly managed by NELC for many years but current is managed through the VANEL youth team (contact details below).  They will meet on twice a month at 82 Grimsby Road, the Big Local offices opposite the  small Tesco for two hours at a time.  Commitment then will be to write 3 pieces of 600 to 700 words over the three month period with each person having agreed set deadlines for their pieces with support from the other members.

Articles appear in the Telegraph every Tuesday and are then available on the VANEL blog so that all articles remain available online.

This is a great experience for young people interested in writing.

“My daughter took part In Young Reporters a few years ago and received the Diana Award for this work. Her columns went into her portfolio, and proved a great topic to talk about at interviews. I would highly recommend students apply to this programme, particularly students who want to go into vocations related to English: writing, publishing, marketing and media. These industries require a portfolio of work as standard.” – parent of a young reporter

If you are interested in being part of this fantastic opportunity, or know someone that is, please contact Jenny at VANEL ( or use this online form (

This opportunity has proved to be a positive addition to the development of CV’s as well as developing key transferrable skills most employers look for, including team work, meeting deadline, effective written and verbal communication, positive challenge and developing understanding of diverse issues young people face.

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Online application form is currently here.

Contact information is Jenny Hodson – email :

Learn more about Young Reporters idea  on Youtube video =

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