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Membership FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about Membership of VANEL:

Q: How much is membership?

£25 per organisation per year regardless of whether you become a Member or Friend.

Q: How long is my membership?

Twelve months.  For new Members or Friends this twelve months starts when your membership is approved at a VANEL Executive Committee meeting.  Note that you will need to have completed the application process and provided your payment fee before your application will go before the Committee.

For renewing Members the next twelve months period runs from the end of your previous membership.

Q: Who can vote at the VANEL AGM

Only Members of VANEL can vote at the AGM.  Friends do not have full membership so can attend and get involved but cannot cast a vote.  Membership needs to be valid and paid up to entitle your organisation to vote.

Note that Membership is per organisation, so there is only one vote per organisation at the AGM no matter how many representatives attend.

Got another question?

Email or call 01472 231123