Projects, Programmes, Partnerships and Delivered Activities

We receive grants to deliver projects or programmes or may be commissioned or contracted to deliver specific pieces of work. This is all in addition to our core services and activities, can be time limited and often has a designated staff member or team leading the activity.

  • IGNITE is our major youth leadership support programme.  We work with young people aged 16-30 to support them with their leadership projects and to build their potential. All the info is here.

  • Big Local North Cleethorpes (BLNC) is a 10 year funded programme for the northern part of Cleethorpes. Run by a local community panel it is supported by a Trusted Organisation to hold funds and host the development worker role.  This Trusted Organisation is VANEL.  Visit the BLNC website here.

  • West Marsh Development Trust secured Santander funding for 2017 to provide training and support related to technology to the older people who use their centre.  VANEL are providing this IT expertise and support on a weekly basis to support the community centre and their groups.

  • VANEL member organisation Capacity Buildings Ltd runs Beach Hut #9 in Cleethorpes and VANEL provides administrative support such as promotion and Hut bookings for the group.