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Voluntary Action NORTH EAST LINCOLNSHIRE (VANEL) has been delivering scams, fraud and cyber crime workshops and training for many years now.  Often this has been on an informal basis or in conjunction with other partners (such as our current work with Big Local North Cleethorpes).

But for 2022-23 we’re pleased to be able to deliver more Fraud/Scam sessions to local groups and residents through our connection to East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS).  ERVAS have a funded FraudWatch programme (funded by the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner), and VANEL is the local partner in North East Lincolnshire to deliver sessions.

Read on for the press release about the programme, or visit for the main website for that project.

If you are interested in attending (or organising) a session in North East Lincolnshire then please contact:

Karl Elliott, Development Manager, VANEL.
01472 897337

Most VANEL led sessions are organised in conjunction with local groups who already have a group of individuals who want to know more about scams and fraud.  So far this year we’ve he’d sessions with the Carers Centre; a older people’s social group in Cleethorpes and Big Local North Cleethorpes.

FraudWatch sessions open to the public

A sessions will be organised for Nov 2022 in Cleethorpes.  Date/Time to be confirmed.

If you want to put your name down to be informed when a session becomes available, please contact Karl Elliott as above.

Press Release Sept 2022 for the Fraud Watch project

East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS), Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire (VANL) and Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) have joined forces to deliver the FraudWatch project to prevent vulnerable people falling victim to fraud within the Humberside Police area.

The FraudWatch project has been established to ensure that everyone has access to information about how to keep themselves safe from fraud, and that support is available should they need it.

We are keen to deliver this project, and work with others to protect everyone from fraud and cybercrime, and raise awareness of the issues caused by this crime. The project will work with members of the community to educate and support those who may be vulnerable to fraud.

In 2020 there were roughly 70 victims per week, with £110k lost per week to this crime, in the Humberside area alone. In addition to the financial impact, fraud can have a severe emotional and psychological impact on victims.

Fraudsters often target the most vulnerable people in society but the reality is that anyone can become a victim of fraud and cybercrime. Fraud can damage lives, and can affect people financially and emotionally too. Through the FraudWatch projects and its partners, we pledge to help make the Humberside are a fraud-free area.

As part of this wider partnership we will be delivering a series of fraud and cybercrime information workshops and webinars, for details of the sessions in your area please use the following links:

  • East Yorkshire (to include Hull) visit:
    • Or call 01482 871 077 (option 3).
  • North Lincolnshire visit:
    • Or call 01724 845 155 (option 1)
  • North East Lincolnshire visit:
    • Or call 01472 231 123

You can also find out more about fraud and how to stay safe on the FraudWatch website at

This project is funded by the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner.