Movie With A Meaning. Our Young Reporter thinks about movie meaning

Now, when you’re watching a film and it finishes sometime later, a lot of questions would come up in your head like was it better then you thought it would be? Was it a disappointment or would you watch again? Would you want to forget about it or would that movie be something to inspire you on your future, yourself or your career?

For most of my life so far, I always thought that the reason a movie is made is just for our entertainment and a way to get rid of boredom, but what if there was another use for a movie? When you read a book, it can help you learn, it can give you knowledge. So what if there was something similar like that in a movie? What if it’s not a movie at all but its instead a message shown through a screen.  Some of these movies I’ve watched have helped get my higher speech, my emotional style I do in my school writing, it’s the reason for why I am in the paper right now. Because movies that I’ve watched have influenced me. Whether it’s serious or realistic, a movie can have a meaning. It can have an emotion to it that connects to us and right now, I am going to do examples of three teen movies that have an emotional meaning.

My first flick I am about to discuss was a film I just saw not that long ago, Juno. This is a film that explores a teenage girl who is going through the trouble of having got herself accidentally pregnant. This is still an event that happens today. And to be honest, teen pregnancy is quite scary. So what makes this film inspirational is how it portrays the whole topic. From making choices like whether you should abort or get adoption. The movie is realistic and it gives birth to ideas for those teens who wonder what to do when they’re pregnant.

My second example comes from a film that my twin sister was always looking forward to see. It’s called Love, Simon. Now, what made my sister so interested in this one is that it gives insight in a topic that she is dealing with. About a teen dealing with the fact he’s gay. I remember when I first watched it with her, she had tears in her eyes as she watched it. Because even if its just a movie, she knows how realistic the film was in showing us an experience of what a closeted teen’s life is like.

My last one is a movie that got me the most, The Fault In Our Stars. Now in my opinion, cancer is a harder topic to deal with then being gay or pregnant, because cancer’s a thing that kills you.  And in my opinion, while this a film that makes me want to cry, it also tries to show cancer in a new direction. It shows that you can still be quirky, you still have enough time to fall in love and it feels like it’s telling that says” if you’re dying, don’t waste yourself away and have the time of your life as you spend your last days of Earth before you pass away in peace.”

Now when you do watch a movie, you wouldn’t know what to expect, and in some cases, you would not know what to expect if you put your trust in movies. The thing is what makes a movie good is not just that it’s entertaining, stunning, or heart breaking but also when it comes to the impact it has as it tells its own version of an important subject matter or genre.  And if I had never put my hands on a film, then I wouldn’t really know how I’ve got here.

Article by Young Reporter Tomos
First appeared in Grimsby Telegraph 19th November 2019