Wildlife Crafty! Hedgelaying course coming up.

It won’t just be the foxes being crafty in one of our local woodlands this winter, but also local volunteers who fancy learning the traditional skill of hedgelaying via a free course in the heart of a woodland wildlife sanctuary in North Lincolnshire.

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery has teamed up with Humber Conservation Volunteers (HCV) and Humber Nature Partnership to offer free training to folk who want to help with nature conservation and learn about the importance of our hedges and woodlands to wildlife.

The 3-day course during December will be in Burkinshaw’s Covert, a 94-acre woodland nature reserve next to the Oil Refinery which is normally out of bounds to the public and managed especially for wildlife by HCV. Participants will not only be taught the basics of traditional hedgelaying and the use of hand tools such as billhooks and axes, but also learn about the principles of woodland management when they coppice the stakes and binders from the woodland for use in their bit of hedgerow.

The hedge itself is on the line of a mysterious and long lost mediaeval hedgerow which was
rediscovered in 2009, replanted a year later and is now itself ready for traditional  management. The hedge is on the edge of a mediaeval ridge and furrow field system which was preserved when, under the Parliamentary Enclosures of two hundred years ago, Burkinshaw’s Covert was first planted. At the edge of the field system was a boundary bank which would have had an ancient hedgerow upon it which was itself lost to time, a feature which disappears to the west under the Refinery but which now, along with the surrounding woodland, enjoys a new lease of life in the nature reserve.

As part of the diverse and carefully managed local wildlife site next to the refinery, the hedges, woodland, glades, rides, ponds and extensive grasslands provide a haven for the many deer, badgers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other species which live in Burkinshaw’s Covert.

The 3-day course will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11th to 13th December, 9am to 3.30pm and for more information and booking arrangements for the course or other involvement in the ongoing management of Burkinshaw’s Covert and to book, don’t hesitate to contact Alan Jones at Humber Nature Partnership via alan.jones@humbernature.co.uk or telephone 01652 631 523

Download a full flyer here for more information and get in touch to book a place.