They did it! Students raise £1000+ after 12 hour relay walk over the Humber Bridge

The IGNITE team were very pleased to have been able to help students at Grimsby Institute with their fundraising walk across the Humber Bridge recently.

Students from Uniformed Public Services at Grimsby Institute organised a massive 12 hour relay walk/run back and forth across the Humber Bridge in order to raise money via BallBoys for fighting testicular cancer.

The IGNITE team helped them get the event organised and then helped on the day too. They were also joined by volunteers from our Blue Lights Brigade programme to help at the event.

Starting at midday and carrying on through till midnight, the boys and girls who took part covered over 600 miles together.  Will, Alex and another lad themselves ran the equivalent of a marathon each.

IGNITE helped them make the event a reality, but they did most of it themselves and a big congratulations goes out to Callum, Kieron, Joe, Anthony, Ryan, Ryan, Luke, Jeremy and Andrew. Not forgetting tutor Tony.

Donations are still being counted but they have already exceeded £1000 raised.  Their aim was to raise money for Testicular Cancer and the raise awareness of the detrimental affect it has on individuals and families.  You can find out more or still donate via their JustGiving page here.

There’s more about the story, dozens of photos and a video on the IGNITE Facebook page here.