Are we a nation of prudes or pragmatists?

Isn’t getting home; realising you’ve had a human sized bogie hanging out the worst feeling? You hate it yourself but when people begin to shout ‘TRAMP’, ‘TRAMP’ then you become self-conscious. Fate lets this happen on important occasions e.g. business meetings, starting a new school, dating. Perhaps the saying ‘Some people can’t see past the end of their nose’ is true as by judging others on appearance they overlook the common logic that people can’t see the end of their nose without a mirror. ‘Rather than bogies being for little ones to have a little munch on when they’re peckish they hold germs and dust to keep your lungs safe/clean. Why do people assume that a bogie makes someone scruffy and unclean? please clean your brain before you judge appearances as it highlights your lack of common knowledge not knowing were all human.

I’m working class. Thick. I have no Education. I’m not as good as you. For some the idea of job seeking is overwhelming. Isn’t this expected when some require qualifications for something as simple as stacking shelves. GCSE’s aren’t necessary to realise oldest yoghurts go in front so customers don’t purchase out of date products. Why don’t employees assess common sense over common knowledge? Perhaps then interviews wouldn’t seem such torture; interview anxiety may become extinct

Have you ever tried to interact with somebody but when you move your mouth sound doesn’t come out? Have your ever stood next to someone not knowing how to position yourself and where to put your eyeline because, you simply feel on edge and awkward? This is social anxiety, but we think these people should just simply speak and that they’re boring/unsociable. If this wasn’t a problem the NHS wouldn’t recommend seeing a GP when symptoms such as avoiding/ worrying about social situations, fearing criticism and panic attacks occur. ‘’Morning’’ she said to the dog walker. ‘’Can’t wait to see you again’’ he said to his friend. Friendly interactions can have a colossal impact on somebodies’ day and from experience I know it makes you a little more at ease and comfortable in social situations. Equally for some greeting people, chatting to neighbours, seeing a friendly face gives them a reason to keep on going. once they feel comfortable with you something as natural as how to stand won’t even seize their thoughts Never judge, never avoid. Remember nobody is ever just ‘A shy person’.

Perhaps you didn’t realise both men and women have nipples positioned on the centre point of the breast and in women this links to the milk production glands known as the mammary glands. However British Boobies are to be blindfolded and not on display not even to feed your own child but if any male feels a little bit sweaty do feel free to take your top off. Not only do they both have nipples, they’re adopting the shared view that breastfeeding is inappropriate in public; It’s disrespectful, offensive and as a sexual object shouldn’t exposed around prying eyes. Being realistic I’m sure Adam didn’t ask Eve to Dig a hole to feed her babies. What could be more appropriate than feeding an infant? who’s need is greater? an innocent child whose main necessity is to grow and develop or the woman glaring at you breastfeed whilst gorging and devouring a scrumptious cream cake which scientifically isn’t bringing her more alive it’s bringing her closer to death. If this is inappropriate is it then appropriate for a 30yr old man to publicly wee when he’s been toilet trained from a young age? Compared with new-borns who don’t know how to talk let alone feed themselves. it’s sad to say some still see women as just a sexual object but equally, males can be judged on their physique; sometimes people see the male chest in a sexual light. Like The spice girls’ tribute: the spice boys enter the stage and the audience cheer wildly like school girls judging whose ‘fitter’ by their chests. How is this different to women exposing their chests; but in this instance for a practical use? Which leaves me with one definitive question… Are we a nation of prudes or pragmatists?

This article first appeared in the Grimsby Telegraph on 30th April 2019

By Young Reporter Charlotte Freeman