Celebrating Cleethorpes Community Cops – our website and research is now live

For the past year, VANEL and local volunteers have been researching the history of community policing in Cleethorpes as part of our “Celebrating Cleethorpes Community Cops” project which was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Our research and project has now formally come to an end, and it’s time to share what we’ve learned more widely.

For a start we now have a website at www.cleethorpescops.org.uk where what we’ve found out will be published and available for the coming years. Have a look and we hope you’ll find something of interest there.

On there you’ll find a downloadable publication that includes all of the information we’ve learned. There’s a lot of research in there and it’s free to view. A printed version will also be available for sale very soon and you can contact us to pre-order copies.

We’ve researched the history of policing itself from 1799 up until around 1970. So from before it was known as Policing up until when policing covered a wider geographical area and stopped being Cleethorpes specific.

We’ve also research local crimes and punishments and spent some time looking at the police buildings in Cleethorpes over the decades. Of course this is very specifically timely because of the recent closure of the Cleethorpes Police station which first opened in 1932.

There’s some merchandise we’re putting together and this will be available to purchase over the coming weeks. So if you’ve got fond memories of the Cleethorpes Police Station then this may be of interest.

The information boards will also start being publicly available soon – so look out for them at venues around Cleethorpes and more details coming soon.

Finally, we’re also exploring sharing information about Cleethorpes Policing with the Old Nick Police Museum over in Gainsborough. They have lots of information about the history of regional policing and we’re working with the team there to see if we can get a permanent display covering Cleethorpes.

The formal, funded part of our project has come to an end, but the research and the sharing will continue for a long time now. We’ll keep updating you via the VANEL website and news.

But if you’ve still got information you could share with us, or if you would like to help with maintaining the website or doing more historical research then we’d still really like to hear from you. Contact Karl Elliott at VANEL via 01472 361043 or karl@vanel.org.uk.

Now go visit www.cleethorpescops.org.uk to look at what we’ve learned.

And a final thanks to National Lottery Heritage Fund for making this possible, to Steve Lynn who led most of the project whilst he was at VANEL and continues to support it voluntarily, to Doreen Tyson who did almost all the main research, and to all the other volunteers who’ve researched, supported or promoted the programme.

More information about the project here.