Vibrant Me

The IGNITE team are once again working with Nicole Kowal who this time is leading a new local project as a volunteer rather than part of the team itself. Nicole is currently setting up Vibrant Me.

Vibrant Me is a local project that is aimed at young people aged 16-30 who enjoy expressing themselves through art. The project will aim to support young people who perhaps feel isolated or local the necessary social skills to showcase their work or talk about their art or experiences.

A monthly meeting will be held where the people involved will be able to get together and showcase their work to each other. They will also have the opportunity to also talk about their art work and how it has affected themselves whilst also getting other people’s opinions on it if they would like. This project will be aiming to help these young isolated people to make friends and have a safe space to chat about what they enjoy and even make lasting friendships and securities with each other.

There will be the opportunity for these young people to chat and improve their social skills in the meetings but also outside, as the group will be looking into getting these young people involved in open galleries and maybe even selling their artwork at a later date.

The types of artwork accepted are :
Short literature

When the group finds a suitable meeting hall they will then be accepting drama and expressive arts (dancing, acting, singing etc) as well.

If you’re one of these young people or you know someone who should be getting involved then please get in touch with the IGNITE team (via Jessica) who can connect you.

Follow the project on Facebook at VibrantMeGY.
Contact Jessica via or email direct to