Happy new Year from VANEL

Welcome to 2019 and a Happy New Year to you all.

The VANEL offices are now back open again after our Christmas break and we’re looking forward to supporting our Members and Friends throughout 2019. Don’t forget to call us on 01472 231123 to start a conversation about how we can help you or contact us via office@vanel.org.uk.

In 2019 we’ll be continuing with many of our same projects and support services, but of course we’ll also be looking forward to new projects and programmes evolving as the year progresses.

We’re busy thinking about our own New Year Resolutions and what VANEL should be doing this year. So what are you choosing as your resolutions?

Two I’d like to suggest you add to your list are:
-Keep in touch with VANEL more often to see what they can help with.
-Make sure we’re following the VANEL e-newsletter every week (by signing up at www.vanel.org.uk/signup).
(Oh, and, in line with GDPR, please make a resolution NOT to CC everyone in emails this year without their permission – that’s what BCC is for and I’m staggered by how many emails we still receive from organisations that make dozens of email addresses public in their emails!!)

We look forward to hearing from you during 2019.

If you’re looking for ideas about New Year Resolutions then here are just some of the developmental areas that I think you could be exploring this year. And VANEL can discuss any of these with you to guide you in the right direction.

Get better at managing your volunteers
Improve your governance practices around your board/committee
Invest in training for your staff and volunteers
Improve your social media presence
Ensure technology is doing its part for your organisation
Improve your fundraising inline with good practices
Review your financial practices
Start taking some risks, experiment, branch out, try something different
Reach out to new beneficiaries or work harder with existing ones
Get a robust disaster recovery plan setup
Connect with more local partners
Get on top of boring admin and systems and make sure you’re legal, have all the right policies in place etc
Go back to those GDPR processes you didn’t quite finish off last year
Build more trust in your organisation
Get your website under control and up to date

We’d like to hear from you at VANEL and see how we can point you in the right direction on any of your resolutions. Best of luck for 2019.