Longstrip Wildlife project gaining momentum after holding a Family Activity Day in People’s Park.

The Family Activity Day on Saturday 14th April held in People’s Park was organised by Shaun Curtis who is leading the Longstrip Wildlife project and was supported on the day by team members from IGNITE.

The theme of the event was all environmental with a variety of activities for the children, but was also a chance for Shaun to start gathering interest in his project and in the phone App he is creating.

The event was small scale, but 15 children got involved in painting rocks at the event and hiding them around the park (they’re probably still there if you want to go look for them).

The donations and money raised on the day are being handed over to Humberside Conversation Volunteers.

Shaun also managed to get the event into the Telegraph (read it here) which helps him hugely with getting publicity for his project.

The project is focused on creating a wildlife haven in Immingham to help highlight threats posed to nature and the environment and to open up opportunities to improve this ‘longstrip’. With support from IGNITE and funding from O2, Shaun is writing a phone App alongside his computer studies course which will be ready for launch in July. Watch this space.

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