GDPR fees update. Make sure the ICO knows your status so you only pay £40 instead of £2900

Under the existing Data Protection Act, individuals and organisations that process personal information need to register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), unless they are exempt. GDPR changes the rules and the pricing and you need to ensure you’re getting your organisation onto the right pricing tier from the start.

So hopefully your organisation is already registered with the ICO (if appropriate).

Remember whether or not you need to register is NOT dependent upon your type of organisation. Clearly if you are a business or a public body then you will need to register. Most registered charities also need to register. But social enterprises, constituted groups, and even loose, unconstituted groups should consider whether or not they should be registered. There are plenty of ways to be exempt if the type of personal data you collect, store and process is very limited – for example you might only collect information about your direct members and that might make you exempt.

BUT it’s perhaps a good time to check your status, exemption or registration. All the info you need is here.

You can look yourself up in the Register to check your current registration status. Or you can check whether you are exempt or not. And of course, you can register your organisation if necessary.

The reason of course that this is relevant now is the upcoming GDPR. Up until 25th May it is still a legal requirement to register with the ICO if you are required to. After 25th May the fee structure will change considerably and the default position for the ICO seems to be a Tier 3 charge of £2900 for every organisation UNLESS the ICO knows that you are a charity or group that should be exempt. The easiest way for them to know this is to examine your current registration. So make sure your registration is correct NOW.

There’s a full overview of this pricing/fee structure and what you should be doing on the BWB website just here. Please make sure you take the time to read it. You don’t want to be getting a letter asking for £2900 after 25th May because something has gone wrong!

If you get it right and meet the ICO’s criteria for a Charity then you’ll only be liable for Tier 1 fees which are £40 or £35 if paid by DD.