Grand Opening of Beach Hut Number 9

As we reported back in July, a tired and disused beach hut in Cleethorpes was in the process of being converted into a community space for disadvantaged people thanks to a £1500 grant from the Tribune Trust. The work to transform Beach Hut number 9, which is situated behind Meridian Showground, has been completed and the hut is now ready to be unveiled to the public on Friday 16th September 2016 at 10am.

The Beach Hut has been renovated this summer by Capacity Buildings Ltd, in partnership with others locally interested in community safety and supported by the Tribute Trust Grant.  The hut has been created for the whole community to use. In particular, the hut will provide a safe place for families suffering from the effects of violence and antisocial behaviour in their communities, allowing them to get the respite they need, free of charge. The hut will also be an excellent base for school children to use and enjoy as they learn about our local heritage and the environment. The hut is equipped with a cooker and play equipment, such as volleyball nets, badminton kits and cricket sets, for families to enjoy whilst using the facility. The hut also has cold running water that is suitable for drinking. The idea to restore and refurbish the beach hut came from graduates working with Capacity Buildings Ltd, who recognised the potential benefits of converting the hut into a space that the whole community could benefit from.

Supporting the event will be VANEL’s own Steve Lynn and Josh Short. Why not come along and join them at the opening of this fantastic facility and see for yourself the hard work and effort that has been put into turning this dilapidated old beach hut into a place the whole community can come together and enjoy. Free parking is available.

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To see the origninal article announcing the restoration of the beach hut on the Grimsby Telgraph website, click here.