Humberside Fire and Rescue need support for a Safe and Well panel

Humberside Fire and Rescue public safety team are working with the University of York on a research project to evaluate the home safety visits known as Safe and Well visits and they are looking for people 65 and over to be a part of a panel to answer some questions and looking an information materials that are provided at the visit.

Due to covid-19 all meetings will be initially held virtually via zoom.

As well as the panel they are also interested in holding a meeting to consider how to invite people to take part in the study…namely using Exeter data (Over 65 data) list from the NHS to identify households to invite to take part. We need this meeting soon so we can include their thoughts in the Ethics application and Confidential Advisory Group application.

If any groups/charities want to find out more they can contact Rachel Cunningham-Burley

You can find out more on this flyer and you are encouraged to get in touch with Humberside Fire and Rescue if you can get involved.