Local lads raise over £5,000 in aid of Cancer Research. Reporting by Young Reporter

Charlotte Lowe is a former Young Reporter and since stopping writing the weekly articles for Grimsby Telegraph, she’s continued in her writing and journalism.  Here’s an article she’s just written for the Telegraph community pages about a local fundraising event:

Earlier this summer, eight brave young boys shaved their hair off in aid of Cancer Research UK.

The idea was developed by Remy Tomlinson, 11 and Alex Smith,12, – inspired by the diagnosis of Remy’s mum’s cancer.

Remy said that he “wanted to help other people who were going through the same thing” and that he hoped the money raised would go towards finding a cure.

Alex said that originally, his idea was to “make sure his friend didn’t feel like he was fighting it on his own” and that he “wanted to do everything he could to help”.

To begin with, the plan was to try and raise around £100 each. But on the morning of the shave, the lads; Remy Tomlinson, Alex Smith, Zach Irving, Jack Horton, Jo Winfield, Alfie Edwards and George Farrell had collectively raised over £5,500 – an enormous, moving gesture from such young boys.

Their friends soon wanted to do the same thing – to try and help one another- and before long, there was seven boys ready to shave their heads. Parents had shared the head shave far and wide over Facebook and social media; calling for all friends, family members, even old schools and teachers for help!

The boys grinned and giggled with each other at Cleethorpes Cricket Club – in no way phased by their soon-to-be lack of hair or the relatively substantial crowd forming. One of the boys, Harry Hemsley, had even gone one step further. For the past year he had grown out his hair, with the intention to cut it off and donate it to the Little Princess trust – and then brave the shave alongside his friends.

The youngest of the boys, George Farrell, aged 8, did not expect to be shaving his hair off that evening. But, inspired by the older boys, he too decided that he wanted to help his friends raise as much money as possible. He wouldn’t do so, however, without a healthy donation from the onlooking crowd. He bargained that if the collection box was full, then he would let the hairdresser loose with their clippers.

Sure enough, that evening he returned home with a buzz cut- and with the donation bucket even fuller than before.

Their kind act will go to aid life saving research.

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