Cleethorpes Community Cops was at Cleethorpes Police Station as it closes and the local policing team moves to the Knoll

Over the past year, VANEL has been leading a project to research and archive the history of policing in Cleethorpes. The project has now come to an end and this week the results of this “Cleethorpes Community Cops” project were on display at Cleethorpes Police Station at a bitter-sweet event organised by the Police to mark the final closure of the Police Station after nearly 90 years of service.

Cleethorpes Police Station opened in 1932 and has been the base for Police operations in Cleethorpes for nearly a century. Closure of the Station has been on the cards for a while now and over the past weeks the local teams have moved to their new, central Cleethorpes base at the Knoll. Community policing in Cleethorpes continues but from a more central location.

As a historic and iconic building, Cleethorpes Police Station features heavily in the heritage research project that VANEL has been undertaking over the last year. Our project was funded from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and looked at the history of local law and order going as far back as the 1700s, looking at crime and disorder, punishments, policing, law enforcement and, of course, the police stations that have been used.

The project compiled research into a new website and into a booklet detailing all the research. You can visit the website at and download a copy of the study here.

To mark the final closure of the Police Station, the Police organised a social event for current and former Police colleagues to revisit their former Station and to meet and reminisce with each other. VANEL were very pleased to be invited to participate and the results of the Cleethorpes Community Cops project were on display during the event. We also had Steve Jones and Lucy Talbot from the VANEL led Blue Lights Brigade volunteering programme at the event meeting some of their old colleagues, looking around the, now sadly empty, Police Station and chatting with members of the Blue Lights Brigade volunteer programme.

Karl Elliott and Steve Lynn attended the event and chatted to ex-police officers about their experiences of the Police Station. We managed to meet up with people who had provided memorabilia to the Cleethorpes Community Cops project and even with the artists that had produced images of the Police Station that feature on the new website and on our memorabilia.

Merchandise was created through our Heritage project featuring a watercolour image of the Police Station and printed onto mugs, bags, coasters and more. The items sold well throughout the event as so many people with memories of the building wanted something to remind them. Orders can still be made online on the website here if you too are interested in purchasing these limited edition pieces of history.

Our project will now be wrapped up and the memorabilia sent over to the Police Museum in Gainsborough to add to their policing collection. The website will continue to hold all the information about the project and the research into the future.

Big Thanks to…

So as the project comes to an end we’d like to give a big thank you to the following:

Doreen Tyson – local volunteer historian who tirelessly did the research and compiled everything for the project
Steve Lynn – ex Police officer who led most of the project, made the necessary connections and helped with the research
Andy Mason – IT administrator at VANEL who turned the research into the website
Steve Lynn, Lucy Talbot and other volunteers from the Blue Lights Brigade programme who helped with research, promotion and connections to make the project a success
And National Lottery Heritage Fund for providing the funding to make it all possible.

Next steps

Visit the website at

Buy a piece of merchandise from the website here.
Download the booklet “Law and Order in Bygone Cleethorpes” which contains all our research.

Keep an eye on our news. Because soon the memorabilia will be over in Gainsborough on display (we’ll let you know when), but we’ll also be producing a printed copy of the research booklet for sale in due course. Keep an eye on the Community Cops website or on the VANEL blog or Twitter feed.

Thank you.
Karl Elliott
VANEL Development Manager
Cleethorpes Community Cops Project Manager

If you’re interested in the Blue Lights Brigade project then you’ll find all the information on the website and can contact the team here.

Pictures from the event at Cleethorpes Police Station on 12th July 2019