Thanks Lydia

Lydia Day is a first year student at the University of Hull, studying Youth Work and Community Development. Back in January 2019 Lydia joined the IGNITE team at VANEL on a supervised placement which lasted for three months.  Although she’s now left us to continue her studies, she continues to volunteer at the CYC Hangout Youth Group in Cleethorpes where she’s found a opportunity she enjoys and is a valuable member of the team.

The idea of the placement was so that Lydia could gain lots more experience and knowledge about the voluntary sector and about community work.  She threw herself into the role with IGNITE and was kept very busy.

Some thoughts from Lydia:

“During my time at VANEL and the IGNITE team, I worked with a wide range of people and gained lots of experience in many different youth work and community development settings. Some of these included; the Cleethorpes youth club, young carers, duke of Edinburgh and work at ghetto park. This allowed me to decide which parts I would like to volunteer more in and which areas I wouldn’t. I learned about the importance of reflection and supervision and this has helped me mould my path more towards which career I would like to take after finishing my degree. I cannot thank VANEL enough for providing me with these opportunities and making me aware of the benefits to volunteering and opening my eyes to what is out there.”

Lydia signed up as a Blue Lights Brigade volunteer too, but was heavily involved with the Youth Group in Cleethorpes which she still volunteers with long after she finished her role with VANEL.  She recently supported the Youth Group on one of their outward bound visits to Tattershall Farm and she also designed her own session for the young people based on Autism awareness.  The whole team at The Hangout have been very grateful for her involvement.

Lydia was supervised by Jenny Hodson during her time at VANEL and we were very pleased that the placement experience was not only a great experience for Lydia and ourselves, but the University of Hull also saw the experience as very positive.

Feedback from the University coordinator:  “Thank you so much for providing Lydia with a rich and diverse learning experience whilst on placement with VANEL. You have provided her with a very strong foundation from which to develop professionally as a youth work and community development worker.”

Thanks Lydia.

Lydia delivering her autism awareness session at CYC The Hangout