VANEL e-newsletters and GDPR…

Every week we send out our e-newsletter to hundreds of subscribers. Occasionally we sent out special e-bulletins. Everyone currently receiving the bulletin has been put on the list at some point because they connect with VANEL and hopefully expect these bulletins.

GDPR requires VANEL to double check all our mailing list. If you subscribed yourself at some point to say yes, please send me this e-news, then we have your consent and you’ll continue to get the newsletter.

But if we’re unclear that we had your consent before, we’ll be asking for it now. So don’t be surprised when you get an email soon asking you to opt-in and give your consent to continue to receive these e-newsletters.

We’d really like to think you value this way of keeping in touch with what VANEL (and the community) is doing on a week by week basis. So I hope you’ll click those links and opt-in. If you don’t, then we won’t have your permission so you won’t be receiving the e-newsletters after 25th May and you’ll be removed from that mailing list.

These days we don’t print and post newsletters (cost!). It’s all about e-news and this is our ‘marketing’ and communication to you. We hope it’s valuable and not spam!

You’ll always be able to visit our website for news on the blog.

You’ll always be able to signup again to the newsletter (via – so can anyone else, share the word, pass it on.

If you do receive it, you’ll always be able to unsubscribe (follow the links at the bottom).

Remember our e-news is a resource – so if you want to put your own news in there or have some other comment about the format, content or something else then email or contact Karl Elliott at any time.

BUT this is not the only way we keep in touch.

VANEL is a membership organisation, it offers services and products and projects and we have numerous conversations working between our staff team and the community.

So if you’re a contact with us for a service, product, project, membership or volunteering then we’ll still be keeping in touch with you. Under GDPR terminology it’s either a contract we have with you or legitimate interests which means we’re not always needing to ask for your consent. We need to be able to communicate with you to be able to go about our work.

But the e-newsletter is more generic communication. So elsewhere we might be contacting you about renewing your membership, inviting you to our AGM, or talking with you about SVA, or a bit of partnership work or even about booking the Beach Hut, that’s not the same as sending you our e-newsletters – we’ll still need your permission again.

So please watch out for any emails and re-sign up if you can.

Don’t forget – – for sending us news (members/friends only)

Anyone can sign themselves up for the e-newsletter – go to

GDPR questions – read our blog – we’re sharing lots, we have resources and we’re offering training

Thank you.
Karl Elliott, Development Manager, Editor and Data Protection Lead