Humberside Youth Association funding pot still open. See what’s been funded already and get your applications in

A final round of applications is now being accepted for the Humberside Youth Association (HYA) funding. Applications need to be in before 31st May 2018 and all the information you need and the application forms can be found here.

Remember that applications for up to £500 can come directly from a young person – to fund a project idea or something that might benefit them individually, or up to £2500 can be applied for from a group or organisation for a project that will support young people.

Of course once you’ve checked you’re eligible you’ll need to make sure you describe your project and your costings clearly. The HYA panel are very open to ideas as to what they fund, but they’re giving preference to ideas that will have a longer lasting legacy. So purchasing things that will last, be used by more people, or gaining skills or experiences that are ongoing, will be preferred to one off events and activities. But when assessing applications the panel will just look for a good value investment of their funds to make the best impact.

So to give you the best chance of success in your applications here are a few trends and ideas arising from the past four funding rounds. But don’t forget that whatever ideas you have, please contact Richard Wendel-Jones at VANEL in advance to discuss your application. Richard is processing the applications and can confirm your eligibility and make suggestions to your approach to your application to try and maximise your chances when the HYA funding panel considers your application.

So far, across four application rounds there have been 29 applications from groups and 9 applications from individuals. In total 21 applications from those 38 successfully received funding. Around half of the successful applications received all of the money they requested, and the other half received a proportion of their request. The panel is keen to fund good ideas and has had this tendency to offer part funding where they see good investments and to decline other components of applications that they see as less valuable. In total, to date nearly £17k of funding has been awarded.

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing individual stories about how the funding has been applied, but for now here are some ideas as to what has received funding.

The funding is to support young people and many of the applications have targeted specific segments of this group – homeless young people, people with disabilities, teenage parents, unemployed young people and of course, young people needing a boost to their fitness!

Projects funded have included: camping and outdoor experiences; various equipment – sports, activity based, gym equipment and so on; graffiti, arts and music projects; projects based around specific sports or activities (table cricket anyone?); environmental experiences; support for victims of sexual assault; and a variety of community events.

So if you have an idea that you think might be appropriate please get ideas or a draft of your application over to Richard who can guide you in making sure you have a good chance of success.

Even if you’ve applied before, you are entitled to apply again. You’ll just need to make the case for a different project or why your new idea needs the funding.

So go here for information, email, call Richard on 01472 361043 and get your applications in before the end of May.