Governance weekly for 1st February

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Not a lot of new news this week, so I’ve been looking back at some of the resources I’ve been sharing over the past six months or so. Whether you are the Chair or Secretary or Trustee or Committee Member, I’m sure that you’ll find something useful if you look at some of these resources yourself too.

First to note the newest items:

My article recently covering GDPR – everyone needs to get up to date with this before 25th May 2018.

And a note from this week looking in depth at the new disqualification of Trustees issues – take note.

Other resources in no particular order:

Financial understanding – “Charity Finances: trustee essentials”

Always useful, “15 questions Trustees should ask themselves”

I still come across trustees who haven’t read the latest version – so make sure you are familiar with “The Essential Trustee”

Ever wondered why improving your board diversity and getting younger people on board was important? have a read of “The rise of the young, digital trustee”

The new “Charity Governance Code” came out last year. If you’ve not yet started looking through it to help you self-assess and develop better governance in your organisation then head over to the website here

Or download the code here.

If you’re looking to use the Code, then these template documents for self-assessment will also come in really handy.

For larger charities. For smaller charities.

Just want to think more deeply about the work your charity and your board do? Then this report – “Flipping the narrative: essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices” is well worth a read.

The Charity Commission research into Trust in charities was interesting reading

The “Taken on Trust” report at the end of 2017 was a major piece of research and worthwhile taking a look

As was the House of Lords report into stronger charities

I’m always advocating better use of digital technologies by charities, so here, for the Trustee is a quick article – “10 things trustees can do relating to digital”

Hope something there proves valuable.

As always, more governance news from next week.

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