Supporting Volunteers Award achieved by Humber and Wolds Rural Action

At the December Volunteer Managers Network (VWN) we were very pleased to be able to present no less than two certificates for SVA to Humber and Wolds Rural Action. Humber and Wolds Rural Action (until recently known as Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council) have been working through the VANEL Supporting Volunteers Award (SVA) and have just completed all neccessary the assessment work to become certified at both SVA level 1 and SVA level 2.

Congratulations to the team at HWRA.

The Supporting Volunteers Award demonstrates a commitment to volunteers in an organisation.  Volunteering is such an integral part of the delivery of many organisations, such as HWRA, that being able to demonstrate how well the volunteering management is tackled is vital.  The SVA is a way to do this. Working through SVA is also far from a ‘tick box’ exercise. It’s a self-assessement approach with support from VANEL that helps you to ‘raise your game’.  You’ll need to have robust processes in place, be able to evidence that you do things well and properly and will need to demonstrate that your volunteers clearly understand their role in your organisation.  Well done in this case to HWRA to getting everything together to achieve SVA 1 and 2 and for managing their volunteering so well.

There is more information about SVA on our (fairly new) SVA website at  Or contact Jacky or Karl or Liz at VANEL to discuss SVA.