Update from the Volunteer Managers Network

This week saw a very busy Volunteer Managers Network (VWN) at West Marsh Community Centre. Attendees at the Network are all involved in some way with managing volunteers and the network meetings are always an opportunity to network with each other, share ideas, tips and get support.

This meeting took a look at the latest updates to what’s happening with the VANEL Supporting Volunteers Award (SVA) and a certificate was presented to the latest SVA accredited organisation – HWRCC.

The meeting also took a look at the training and support on offer to help support and up-skill volunteer managers and we looked ahead to 2018 to start planning new ways to support each other in the Network.

Most attendees now represent organisations that are in membership of the VANEL Volunteer Development Service (VDS) and the support and benefits from VDS formed a large part of the discussions. You can read an overview of the VDS service from last week’s news here.

Selection of photos below of SVA and VDS certificates being awarded at the Network Meeting December 2017.

Our next VDS meeting is March 2018. Existing members will be contacted anyway, but if you are interested in finding out more or attending then please contact Liz or Jacky at VANEL for a discussion.