New online home for the Compact

The North East Lincolnshire Compact still exists, although for the past year or so there has been no-one championing the Compact across the borough.  A website has long existed, but has now been superseded by information about the Compact held in this website.

This Compact Blog will hold irregular updates and news about our local Compact.  General information, links, downloads and resources related to the Compact are also now on the VANEL website here.

Older news from the original Compact website is now long out of date, but with reference to that past material, two interesting articles can be downloaded from here.

The final NEL Compact bulletin was Winter 2010.  NORTH-EAST-LINCOLNSHIRE-COMPACT-BRIEFING-Winter-2010-2.

and in 2010 a report was published detailing the state of the Compact across the Humber sub-region. Again, for interest, this can be downloaded from here.

If you have any questions about the North East Lincolnshire Compact, you can contact me (Karl Elliott) at VANEL to discuss (via

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