Trustees Week Day 2: Use a Framework

It’s Day 2 of National Trustees’ Week. (Read our introduction yesterday). Another chance to think about Governance, your Trustees/committee members and your board as a whole. Say a big thank you to those volunteers who make up your board and act on your behalf and in your best interests. The VANEL team are very grateful for the efforts of our own Trustees too.

Today’s thought: Use a Framework

Deciding which parts of your governance are working well, which parts need improvement and which processes are missing altogether can be difficult. But, because you’re not the first charity to try and do this, there are plenty of common standards, accepted good practices and more that you can apply to your own situation.

The Charity Governance Code is a wide ranging ‘framework’ which sets out accepted good practice approaches to all aspects of governing a charity. It allows you to structure any reviewing you’re doing and ask yourself the appropriate challenging questions. Whilst it doesn’t give you all the answers – you’ll need to still write documents and procedures yourself for example (or use templates), it does allow you to work out where to look and how not to overlook anything.

Many ‘frameworks’ are ‘quality standards’ and can cost you money to apply for and meet. The Charity Governance Code is free to use, voluntary and therefore can be applied as much or as little as you need.

This particular framework – the Code – also evolves. It originally existed at the Code of Good Governance for many years before a refresh and rename, and since then is reviewed every few years to keep it ‘fit for purpose’. By using the Code you know that you are reviewing your own governance approaches against accepted normal good practices across all charities.

So if you need a useful tool to help you decide what to review; what to change and what to leave alone; I’d recommend the Charity Governance Code. Visit the website

Today’s read

A perspective from a long-standing Trustee writing about her experiences of being a Trustee and how Trusteeship and Governance has evolved over the years. Take a few minutes to have a read.

Resources and information

The Charity Governance Code as discussed above can be found on its own website here

The Governance Wheel is another simple tool that helps boards of voluntary organisations quickly get a sense of how well they’re functioning and fulfilling their roles. Completing it is designed to give you an instant visual impression of the shape that your board is in. The governance wheel links closely to the Charity Governance Code and can be used as a starting point for reviews based on the Code. This week NCVO have made access to the Governance Wheel tool free of charge. So take the opportunity to visit their website and download the information here.

Local organisations seek Trustees

St Andrew’s Hospice is on the lookout for two new Trustee Directors to support the organisation. Read further details and how to get in touch via the ReachVolunteering platform here.

Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust are seeking a new Treasurer. See details yesterday.