Celebrating Cleethorpes Community Cops

We’re very pleased to announce our latest project funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund – “Celebrating Cleethorpes Community Cops”.

VANEL and the Blue Lights Brigade programme have been funded through Heritage Lottery Fund to research the history of policing in Cleethorpes. At present there is no single reference source on local policing and there is no single place for the public (or the Police themselves) to find out about the history of the profession.

So we’ll be doing a lot of historical research here, compiling it into a reference publication or book and will be building a website to serve as a long term repository of everything we learn.

We’re also going to be exploring way to hold and display anything we uncover and any memorabilia we find so that there is a more permanent and accessible way for people to learn about this fascinating part of our history.

We’re going to be using volunteers from the Blue Lights Brigade who are themselves ex-Police and hopefully have an interest in the topic and project. If you’re interested in volunteering general then contact the Blue Lights Brigade via their website www.bluelightsbrigade.org.uk or if you’re interested more specifically in helping with historical research then get in touch with Steve Lynn at VANEL who is heading this up (steve@vanel.org.uk, 01472 231123)

Watch out for updates from the project as we progress with our research.

Thanks Heritage Lottery Fund for helping us get this underway.