Invitation to the Organised Dialogue 15th March. Battling the Negative Stereotyping of young people

The theme of this months’ organised dialogue is a challenge for us all. We will look at the impact of negative stereotyping – its ‘costs’ to our young people and their/our communities – and also how we can actively challenge it ourselves and how we can enable/encourage young people to actively challenge it themselves?

Stereotyping has existed since the dawn of time – most often those people who ‘receive’ the effects of being stereotyped and those who engage in the doing of it – never discuss its impact with each other. However, these conversations have started to evolve.

I’ve included some thoughts by young people themselves about the impact of stereotyping.

I’ve also included a workbook from Northern Ireland on how they are challenging negative stereotyping.

Please do RSVP me if you would like to attend

Parking and Refreshments are free

The venue is the West Marsh Community Centre. Date 15th March. Doors open at 17:30 for refreshments and networking

Dialogue commences at 18:00 to 20:00

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Marcus Czarnecki MA
Restorative Practices Champion

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