Funding Success Stories

If you’re new to it, applying for funding or applying for funding from a new funder can be daunting. So it’s always nice to celebrate a success in getting a funding application approved.

Recently a couple of groups have confirmed they’ve been approved for funding from the Big Lottery Awards for All scheme. Hindu Cultural Society and the Royal Naval Association in Cleethorpes both successfully submitted applications for funding to support their premises and their projects. Well done to both.

In both cases these groups came to VANEL for advice and received support from our team as a ‘critical friend’. We helped them think through how to word their applications based on our experience with funding applications. We challenged and probed them so they really understood their own projects and how to present them on paper and helped them to align their applications with what the funder is looking for.

In each case the group was responsible for writing and submitting their applications, but we were trying to help them increase their chances of success. Something must have gone right because both groups were approved for funding.

We look forward to hearing from them as their projects progress and reporting back on what the funding has helped to happen.

Awards for All from Big Lottery is now even simpler than it’s ever been. Up to £10000 is available for pretty much anything as long as it aligns with the purposes that Big Lottery needs you to achieve. If you’ve never applied for Awards for All, take a look.

So do you need help with your funding applications? If you’re a Member or Friend of VANEL then give us a call and we’ll do a bit of critical friend work with you. If you’ve already got an application written we’re more than happy to look over it and give feedback and advice. Of course if you need more time we’re available for that too but we will charge an hourly fee for our time. Sometimes just an hour or two from VANEL is all it needs to get you writing your funding bid better.

If you want to contact us speak to Karl Elliott or Richard Wendel-Jones (,, 01472 361043)