Local Charities day is 16th December 2016

Rob Wilson has announced that the first ‘Local Charities Day’ will take place on 16 December 2016.

Local Charities Day was first announced in July 2016. In his speech Wilson – the Minister for Civil Society – said it will “make sure that local charities get the recognition and praise they deserve and hopefully more in the way of donations on that day”.

He declined to give any further details about plans for the day, but an announcement has since been posted on the government’s website which said the Office for Civil Society will contribute £5,000 in match-funding for the #GiveMe5 campaign which will run on Local Charities Day.  More details here.

Have you got any plans for Local Charities Day? If so please send them to us at editor@vanel.org.uk and we will share them with all our networks…