This Week: 14 June

My weekly roundup of technological and developmental happenings at VANEL.

I’ve just switched off the website we’ve run for a few years for the North East Lincolnshire Compact.  If you visit now you’ll end up on the main VANEL website at the new section dedicated to the Compact.  When we had projects, funding and resources related to the Compact it made sense to support an external, dedicated website.  Although the Compact is still very much alive and relevant, VANEL have no active development or management work going on.  Everything is now within the main website, and you can still contact VANEL if you’d like to know more.

WebClub members hopefully now have slightly easier access to reference information which is shared during our bi-weekly sessions.  I’m now using the power of Evernote to publicly share with members all the resources I put together for each and every session.  It means a much easier task for me to collate and share the resources, and hopefully an easier way for members to reference the materials.  WebClub members have now been informed where to find this extra useful information.

We now have a Raspberry Pi at VANEL which we are experimenting with.  Primarily this is to see how cheap we can go to get a usable computer – especially for families/homes without access to other PC’s or laptops (an area of interest for our HomeWork Club).  I also hope it can demonstrate clever ways in which charities and groups can use computers for specific tasks for very little cash investment.  Watch this space as we experiment.

The OSSCAs took place in May at an awards ceremony in Cleethorpes.  Following this I’ve just completed a total rework of the osscas website (  The site now details all the 90+ nominees and the winners in each category.  Check out the new site.

DBS services have changed with the introduction of a new portable DBS.  The reference page for DBS on the VANEL website has been updated to reflect this.

That’s it for this week.