The Supporting Volunteers Award


The Supporting Volunteers Award has been developed by Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire’s (VANEL) Volunteer Service in response to feedback from volunteers and volunteering involving organisations.

The following issues were most commonly raised: 

  • Volunteers felt that they needed a voice.
  • Volunteers felt that they needed support.
  • Some organisations were not responding to enquiries about volunteering within the recommended 7 day period.
  • Volunteers said they wanted more structure within their supervision and one to one support
  • Some organisations needed additional support or a method of communicating regularly with their teams without creating too much extra work
  • Some volunteers are not covered by Public Liability insurance in the event of an accident.

With over 150 organisations SVA quality assured in North East Lincolnshire, why should you achieve SVA?

  • The Supporting Volunteers Award can be used either as a springboard for national quality assurance awards, such as PQASSO or Investing in Volunteers, or as a way of organising your documents in preparation for bids.
  • Most importantly, SVA ensures you have the documentation and procedures to keep your volunteers and service users safe AND happy.


The Supporting Volunteers Award identifies organisations which demonstrate good practice in managing their volunteers, including:

  • Both volunteers and organisations have a voice and adequate support in place
  • Volunteering is mutually beneficial to both the volunteer and the organisation
  • Volunteers are contacted within 7 days of being referred to an organisation
  • Volunteers have appropriate supervision and adequate instruction
  • Volunteers are covered by Public Liability Insurance in the event of an accident
  • Organisations conform to current best practice, and most importantly, can prove it!


We strongly believe that SVA is the way forward and clearly demonstrates that we are all working towards the same goals in order to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for ALL volunteers.

Contact the Volunteer Service for further information, or download information and registration documents here:

SVA Information Brochure
SVA Expression of Interest
SVA Registration Form

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