Immingham Community Venue Feasibility Study

Immingham One Voice is a community organisation that seeks to encourage projects which will to improve and enrich the quality of life within the communities of Immingham, Habrough and Stallingborough


People have told us that Immingham needs a dedicated community space that could host a wide range of activities. So far peoples ideas for what that facility would contain includes a wide range of activities that offer social opportunities for all ages alongside opportunities for young people. A number of community groups have also expressed a wish to be accommodated within a community space. Many of these  groups  will  need to find alternative accommodation and relocate after the  Immingham  Resource  Centre  closes.

We understand that there are a number of ideas floating around at the moment and so in order to make sure that whatever facility is eventually established it meets the needs of the whole community Big Lottery has awarded us funding to undertake a Feasibility Study so that we can pull all of the ideas together.


The feasibility study will :


  • Undertake community consultation
  • Pull together potential support and funding partners
  • Undertake planning activity for any site and buildings identified
  • Put a sustainable funding and resource package together


This is where we need your help!

This is one of several surveys that will help us to find out what people want, where they would like to see services and a range of other information that we would need to start work on developing a community facility.


Please support us by completing as much of the survey as possible.


Just Click on the link below – it will take less than 5 minutes to complete



Neil King MIOEE


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