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Lincolnshire Volunteer Card

VANEL delivers the Lincolnshire Volunteer Card (LVC) training sessions to help individuals get to grips with the basics needed to volunteer well.  LVC is aimed at those people who perhaps have never volunteered before or are just setting out on their volunteering experience or need a refresher!  Through LVC you can learn what volunteering is, what to expect when you volunteer and what your rights and responsibilities are during your future volunteering roles.

This easy to follow and friendly course is run as a series of six ‘modules’ spread over a number of days.  Complete all six modules to receive your LVC card and certificate.  Put it on your CV or wave your LVC card at the next organisation that you volunteer with to show that you’ve got LVC – it will tell them that you’ve already covered the basic training for volunteering that they might need.

What does the course cover?

There are six two hour modules:

Good Practice Standards
Health and Safety
Equality and Diversity
Customer Care
Live Well

Who can attend?

Anyone aged 16+ can attend the LVC course if you have an interest in volunteering.

How much will it cost?

If you are an unplaced volunteer (not already volunteering) then your place on the course is free.  Courses are only offered by VANEL when the costs of the course have been met via funding or a sponsored organisation, so you don’t have to pay for your place.

If you are already in a volunteering role with an organisation then you won’t need to pay yourself, but the costs of your place will need to be met by your host organisation or by a sponsoring organisation. Ask them to talk to VANEL about your placement on the course.

Where do the courses take place?

Most of the courses we run take place in Grimsby at VANEL offices on Bargate.  We’re close to the town centre, the train station, on bus routes and we have free car parking.

Sometimes we run courses elsewhere in Grimsby or Lincolnshire if a particular fund, organisation or sponsoring organisation has asked us to put a course on somewhere specific.

When are the next courses?

Modules and Dates

15th June  2017 – 10 am-3 pm
Module 1 – Good Practice Standards
Module 2 – Health & Safety

22nd June  2017 – 10 am – 3 pm
Module 3  – Equality & Diversity
Module 4  –  Safeguarding

29th  June  2017  – 10 am – 3 pm
Module 5 – Customer Care
Module 6 – Live Well

Download a flyer for this June 2017 course here.

What if I can’t attend all the sessions?

You will need to attend all six modules to complete the course and to obtain your LVC.  But, if we are running more than one course you may be able to join another course to attend the particular modules you have missed.  In these cases please talk to us to see what we can organise.

Whatever modules you attend will be useful and hopefully interesting, but you will need to do all six modules to complete LVC

How do the course sessions and modules work?

Each module is approximately 2 hours long.  Some courses have 1, 2 or 3 modules per day (see details of that course sessions).  A small group of like-minded volunteers all get together with our tutors to discuss the topic with presentation and lots of discussion.  You’ll take away a work booklet from the module explaining everything you’ve learned.

Have people already been through LVC?

Yes. VANEL have run a range of LVC courses in Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire.  Our lead LVC trainer Jacky has also run LVC courses across in Scunthorpe and as far afield as Nottinghamshire.  Across Lincolnshire, the organisation that designed LVC – Children’s Links – has been delivering the course to large numbers of volunteers over the years.  The course is based on all that experience.

Courses to date have been funded by the Tribune Trust, the European Social Fund, Big Lottery Awards for All, the Lincolnshire High Sherriff, and a number of voluntary sector organisations.  Each funded course has meant we have been able to offer the LVC modules to dozens of individual volunteers to improve their skills ready for volunteering.

Who delivers the course?

VANEL has a lead LVC trainer – Jacky Birkett – and a couple of other staff who are also LVC trainers and deliver courses as needed.  All LVC trainers have long experience working with volunteers and in particular working in Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Service organisations.

How do I book?

Please complete this booking form and either email it back to us, stick in the post or drop it into our office in Grimsby.

Or you can phone Liz Dugard on 01472 231123 at VANEL or email her direct via

All our contact details are here.

Here’s the booking form.

I’ve approached an organisation to volunteer with them and they’ve not heard of LVC!

Ask them to call VANEL to chat about LVC.  We can explain to them what you’ve been taught and it will help them to know that you’ve already committed your time to learning about how to be a good volunteer.  Point them to our website at

We host volunteers and someone just showed me that they have an LVC card. So what does that mean?

It means that the individual has committed to no less than twelve hours of training across the six modules that the LVC course contains.  They’ve covered the topics in the modules in depth alongside a trainer to answer their questions and a group of like minded peers.

You can be assured that they understand the basic topics that you would potentially have to cover with them during your volunteer induction process, have shown commitment to following through an entire course and are ready to start their volunteering journey with your organisation.

We host volunteers and would like to offer our volunteers LVC to ensure they have the right skills

Great. Your volunteers could potentially join one of our scheduled courses, but you’ll need to pay a fee per attendee (which will never be larger than £90 per person but is normally subsidised down).

Or you could fund a course yourself.  A course normally aims for 10 attendees per course with a fixed fee for the course regardless of how many people complete the programme.

In each of these cases we will need to have a discussion about costs, venues, who you want to be trained and so on.  Please contact Jacky Birkett at VANEL directly to discuss. 01472 231123 or


Next Courses:

15th, 22nd, 29th June.
6 modules over 3 days.
10am-3pm each day.
VANEL offices, Grimsby