VANEL and Anglian Water at This Year’s Armed Forces Weekend

Don’t forget to drop by King’s Baptiste Church carpark this Armed Forces weekend, and pick up your free Anglian Water goody bag.

On Saturday 1st July from 10 am to 4 pm, VANEL’s Victoria and Helen will be arming the public with a variety of blockage busting freebies! VANEL’s presence at this year’s Armed Forces Weekend comes as part of our ongoing work supporting Anglian Water’s ‘Keep It Clear’ Campaign.


Pictured left: One of VANEL’s Anglian Water goody bags. Please note that not all of the items pictured may be available on the day due to high demand.

Each goody bag will contain a variety of different freebies, including Anglian Water’s coveted Gunk Pot, which is perfect for temporarily storing your excess oil, fat, and grease (OF&G). When cooking, many people pour their OF&G down the sink. The problem is however, that this stuff doesn’t disappear. It sticks to the walls of our sewers and blocks them up. The end result is sewer flooding, bad smells and a repair bill that costs us millions. The humble gunk pot helps to prevent this issues by providing people with a safe and secure place where they can temporarily store these substances. Carefully pour your OF&G into the gunk pot, replace the lid and store it somewhere safe and out of the reach of children. Once the contents has cooled,  safely transfer it from the Gunk Pot and into the bin. Your drains will thank you for it! Victoria and Helen will also be giving away plate scrapers, to reduce the amount of food entering the sink when you are washing up, and sink strainers to catch the annoying little scraps that slip through the net. Don’t miss out!

For more information, please contact VANEL’s IGNITE Youth Leadership Worker, Victoria Russell. Tel: (01472) 315 437.  Email: