Pioneering ‘Green Influencers’ scheme in North East Lincs reaches milestone

As the world gears up for COP26, a scheme to create a network of young people enthused about the environment has reached a milestone by recruiting 1,500 Green Influencers.

The Green Influencers Scheme is run by The Ernest Cook Trust, a national educational charity, which granted host organisations funding to support the employment of 44 Green Mentors. The Green Mentors’ role is to enable young people to lead the way as ‘Green Influencers’ on social action projects in their communities.

Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire, based in Cleethorpes, is among the 37 host organisations and so far its Green Mentor Jenny Hodson has been able to support 30 Green Influencers in her area.

Across England there are now 1,500 Green Influencers and the scheme is on target to enlist 5,000 young people between the ages of 10 and 14 to improve the environment for their schools and communities.

With COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference starting on October 31, and world leaders gathering in Glasgow to discuss global climate issues, the Green Influencers Scheme is demonstrating how young people are already trying to make a difference by getting engaged with their environment and improving the communities they live in.

The pioneering Green Influencers Scheme is a project match-funded through the #iwill Fund which is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Department of Culture, Media & Sport which are each investing £27million seed funding to support young people to access high-quality social action opportunities.

Green Mentor Jenny Hodson said:

“Even with the challenge of Covid, I have been so impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm of these young Green Influencers. Their ideas are very creative and they are all passionate about making changes to the environment they live in, which will benefit the whole community.”

Green Influencer-led projects in the N E Lincolnshire area include.

Littlecoates Primary Academy; Next Gen and Reynolds Children’s Centre who are all doing various projects in the respective areas where they live to improve the environment and assist in sustainability of wildlife.

As well as funding Green Mentors, The Ernest Cook Trust provides grants towards some of the projects designed and implemented by the Green Influencers. So far, these include a platform in Torbay to make accessing a local pond and its wildlife easier; a workbook for schools on the importance of wildlife in hedgerows, written and published by Green Influencers in Hull; and giving out seed packs to local residents in Southwark, London.

Applications for larger grants are assessed by The Ernest Cook Trust’s Youth Advisory Board, a group of eight driven and passionate 14 to 20-year-olds who recommend applications for funding to the Trust’s Board of Trustees.

Dr Victoria Edwards OBE, Chief Executive of The Ernest Cook Trust, said:

“What’s significant about the Green Influencers Scheme is the reach it has, and we are thrilled to be on course to enlisting 5,000 young people. The enthusiasm of those involved is inspiring, and we have been so impressed with their ideas and their creativity. We are very grateful to the Green Mentors for the guidance they are giving.

“By establishing a Youth Advisory Board to assess applications for funding for projects, we are ensuring this really is a youth-led scheme, which will having lasting benefits to schools and communities.

“While the world talks about climate change, the young people of our country are getting out there and making a difference.”

For information about the Green Influencers Scheme visit The Ernest Cook Trust website or email

Visit our own page of information about Green Influencers here.