IGNITE team led Make Music Day event at Grimsby Minster a great success

Make Music Day Grimsby went soundly (pun intended) with no hiccups. The Café and Art exhibition were both open to the public which helped to attract members of the public to our event.

To open was Keith Duke who performed a Gong Bath. It was well received and well attended, providing a relaxing and calming tune, that was amplified by the church’s great acoustics. The only downside was the noise from the café that broke the tranquillity of the Gong Bath. However, apart from that, it was a great way to open the event. After Keith’s performance he allowed time to answer any questions from the audience, conducting a small Q&A session, and allowed people to try playing the Gong.

Next to perform were The Humber Belles, an acapella group performing both modern and classic songs. As mentioned the acoustics in the church were enough that they did not require a PA system or microphones. The variety of songs they were performing attracted more members of the public into the church and people who were viewing the art work stayed to watch their performance.

Next to perform were Nigel and Teri who first introduced us to folk music, bringing entertainment with English, Irish and popular singalong music, they really engaged with the audience.

After lunch, Andy Park performed, playing the Highland pipes. Andy was initially going to be performing outside but as there was already an audience inside waiting to hear him, he performed within the Minster. After every tune, Andy took the time to explain the tune he played, its origin and other related details.

The penultimate performance was Steve and Julie Wigley who performed mainly original songs written by Julie. Each song told a story, similar to poetry in song form. They also performed some well-known songs and several audience members were singing along.

The final performers were Earth Folk- Polly Brown and Keith Duke. They sang and played the Fiddle, Gemshorns, Recorder and Mountain Dulcimer, displaying a ranged of instruments that the audience may not have seen or heard before. After their performance, Earth Folk were asked to perform another song by the audience.

All in all, Make Music Day Grimsby went really well and we received great feedback, one noteworthy comment was from one of the volunteers at the art exhibition who loved that people were able to view the art work while listening to music, enhancing their experience. She expressed being delighted that she was able to work during this event and was able to enjoy the art work and music. There were several audience members who stayed for the whole event, commenting on how great it was to be able to hear live music and one audience member even asked all of the performers to sign his programme!

Thanks from the IGNITE team to Grimsby Minster for hosting and helping, all of the performers on the day, our volunteers and everyone who came to listen.

There are more photos and feedback from the day on the IGNITE Facebook page too.