Reproductive rights are a human right

There Is Nothing ‘Pro-life’ About the Destruction of a Pre-Existing Life.

An Abortion. The deliberate termination of a foetus. A woman’s human right. The right that a woman should be able to do what she pleases with her body; without judgement or consequence. In England and Wales last year, there were 205,295 abortions recorded. So what causes it to be such a divided and debatable subject?

Recently, an abortion ban has been placed in Alabama. Cases of rape and incest are no exception to the ban, abhorrently forcing women to carry the children of their family members or of rapists – a horrific concept that unfortunately too many people will be far too familiar with. This law states that Doctors who attempt to carry out the procedure will be charged with 10 years in prison – and 99 years if they are successful. This is diabolical, and is only exacerbated by the fact that the average prison sentence for a convicted rapist is 9.8 years. In North American states, it is safe to say that women’s bodies are being more regulated than gun control. The hypocrisy that some people are exhibiting is unbelievable – pro-life yet a gun owner? That doesn’t sound quite right…

Countries that deny women their full reproductive human rights include Chad, New Zealand, Poland and Colombia just to name a few. Some of these countries allow abortions under specific circumstances, for example an abortion is permitted if it causes damage to the mother’s health, but isn’t an unwanted baby equally as harmful to a woman’s mental and emotional health? A backstreet abortion could easily cause infection and kill. How would the child’s mental health be affected if it knew it was an unwanted baby? Think about the enormous strain this would put on social services, education systems…and the poor child’s quality of life. In the USA, there are around 443,000 children living in care. Surely a more pro-life mindset would be to get these children out of care and into loving families, rather than forcing a woman through nine months of pain and a life time of trauma. Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the USA every year, and yet some people think that a bigger threat to their country is what a woman decides to do with her own uterus. No one else should be able to dictate what happens to the foetus placed in the lining of YOUR womb. And equally, no woman should be judged for keeping a baby – no matter the circumstances it was conceived.

Just over a century ago women in the U.K were allowed the right to vote – and yet in 2019 women around the world are still unequal to their male counterparts. Surely the planet has bigger issues than what a woman decides to do with her foetus – such as climate change and mass extinction, which is currently the biggest threat to mankind. The shame that some women are forced to endure because of the choices they are obliged to make is utterly soul destroying. How has the world come to a state where people think it is acceptable to shout abuse at a woman entering a planned parenthood clinic? Why did the same woman entering that clinic have to be escorted by multiple volunteers, while wearing a scarf over her head to cover her face? And why are we not talking about it more often? Why is it not front page news?

There is nothing pro-life about the destruction of a pre-existing life.

Countries such as the U.K allow abortions, for free, up until the 24th week of pregnancy. But we are not free until we are all free. Reproductive rights are a HUMAN right.

Article first appeared in the Grimsby Telegraph on 25th June 2019

Article written by Young Reporter Charlotte Low