New guides to GDPR published. Particularly relevant if you fundraise, but take a look anyway

The Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator have published joint guidance on GDPR which has been reviewed and co-badged by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The guidance is based on the questions that charities have asked them and provides clear and practical answers. It gives an overview of GDPR for charities and fundraisers, looks at different fundraising methods, and identifies ways in which personal data is likely to be used in each case.

There are 6 guides in total.  Some might be very specific to larger charities (e.g. those that deal with legacies), but numbers 1, 2 and 3 should be reviewed by everyone.

They are all here.

Jump straight to those three important ones here:
An introduction to GDPR and charitable fundraising
Spotlight on fundraising
Spotlight on community fundraising

Have a read.


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Don’t forget we have a workshop on 26th March tackling GDPR:

On Monday 26th March there will be a “GDPR basics – getting yourself ready” workshop at VANEL offices. From 2pm-4pm this will be an introductory workshop trying to clear through the jargon and complexities and put GDPR into practical terms that you can take away and use.

Places limited. Booking essential. £20 per person (for VANEL member organisations) or £30 for non-members. If necessary we may restrict numbers of people attending from one organisation. Book directly with me (Karl Elliott –