Update on the journey towards GDPR…

There’s no escaping it. GDPR is coming. And we (you) need to be ready (by 25th May 2018 ideally). I blogged about GDPR in some detail in my Development Blog back in January, but as I come across new resources, information and guidance I’ll be sharing it with you regularly. After all, we’ve now only got three months to go (and we all know what happens when you leave homework to the last minute!)

New resources

This guide from NAVCA is a very useful, easy to read introduction. Although originally aimed at Infrastructure organisations, it’s an easy read for any group.

An event took place in Manchester this week (21st Feb) organised by the Information Commissioners Office. The opening speech is worth a read (here). It’s a reminder about the critical principles of Data Protection. Although GDPR is a ‘new flavour’ of data protection coming along in May, the basic principles of the Data Protection Act have been around for a long time, yet not everyone has them in the front of their minds. So read the speech and share it with your key managers and trustees. GDPR tries to introduce Data Protection by Design. This speech reinforces this.

A very short video (1m30s) from a lawyer about the importance of Privacy Notices. Have you even started looking at your own Privacy Notice yet?

If you’re keen, committed (and can afford it), then NCVO have a full day GDPR conference in Liverpool on 13th March. All the details are here. If anyone local attends perhaps they can contact me so we can share what was learned?

Finally – there’s plenty of relevant information about GDPR and the sector on KnowHowNonProfit just here.


If you’re attending the Volunteer Managers Network meeting on 15th March there will be a short introductory session there going over the basics of GDPR. Rather than ‘training’ consider this ‘headlines’ and a quick Q&A to make sure everyone is aware of the starting point and next steps in getting ready for GDPR. (You can find out more about the VMN meeting here).

But on Monday 26th March there will be a “GDPR basics – getting yourself ready” workshop at VANEL offices. From 2pm-4pm this will be an introductory workshop trying to clear through the jargon and complexities and put GDPR into practical terms that you can take away and use.

There’s already no shortage of information and guidance on GDPR. You can get to lots of that via my article here. There’s nothing stopping you reading it all and getting your own plan together (indeed you probably should start looking at it all). But two (many?) heads are better than one. So I hope by coming together in this workshop I can summarise all this information, clarify practical issues, give examples and templates and allow discussion around our real life examples and how we might solve them (before May).

Places limited. Booking essential. £20 per person (for VANEL member organisations) or £30 for non-members. If necessary we may restrict numbers of people attending from one organisation. Book directly with me (Karl Elliott – karl@vanel.org.uk)