Weekend reading: The Kruger Review reports after its review of civil society

“Leveling up our communities” is the report that has just been published at the end of the Kruger review. It reflects on the past, present and potential future for civil society, volunteering, communities and more. It is well worth taking stock of what’s in the report as this is likely to drip feed into government policies, funding and community approaches in the coming months and years.

Not everything will be agreed upon and many proposals may not come to pass, and the reviews and assessments of what the report includes have begun. Make sure you’re keeping up with the conversation.

The report is here along with the press release.

An initial assessment from NCVO is here.

Here’s an in depth review from SCC.

There will be more to come.

After a very different 2020 there are a range of reports being publish that reflect on the current situation in our communities, with the charitable and voluntary sector and more. All of them provide some potential context for our work.

There’s a report from Onward here – “The State of our Social Fabric.”

NCVO have published their latest assessment of the sector in “Beyond Charities. Looking at Wider Civil Society”

And a Local Trust report “Beyond Resilience. Redesigning our systems for a better future” is also worth a read.