Governance weekly for 8th December

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National Trustees’ Week  at the start of November was a busy time for Governance and Trustee news.  This week there’s a little less to share, but some interesting bits and pieces none-the-less.

Sir Stuart Etherington has just published a report which includes an extensive range of recommendations for the future of civil society. The document – “Voluntary Action: a way forward” includes some forward thinking. One quoted headline was to let communities own their assets in a revamp of civil society’s foundations.  As a charity leader this is the sort of future direction thinking that you need to read and consider to ensure that you are staying relevant over the long haul.

Read it here.

Another article. This time by long-term governance advocate Tesse Adepki. She writes on the BWB blog about 10 things trustees can do relating to digital. This continues to be an untackled theme in the sector, so have a read and see how you can tackle digital yourselves.

You probably already know, but GDPR is coming (by May 2018). As a board are you leading your team and organisation to get prepared? An article on the Guardian website thinks probably not.

As the team leading your organisation forward it is your responsibility to ensure that you’re getting to grips with GDPR and all things related to Data Protection. I published a quick article last week on the VANEL blog here and there will be lots more to come. Keep an eye on our website/newsletter for updates. But go and add GDPR onto the agenda of your next board meeting!

The Charity Governance Code has been out a while now and nationally groups big and small are beginning to buy into it after realising the value it brings to evolving and improving their governance and leadership approaches. Have you been using the Code?  VANEL is working through the application of to our own governance and I’ll be sharing our learning experiences as we go along. You can use this free framework as light or deep as you want to. But make sure you do use it!

Here’s a guide from BWB about what the code means for charities.  And remember the Code itself is here.  VANEL is running a training workshop in January entitled “Better Boards: using the Code to review and develop your governance” (see below for all training dates).

VANEL have a number of groups telling us that they need Trustees.  If you are interested in getting involved in something new and becoming a trustee or committee member then get in touch with me and we may be able to do some matching up and find you an opportunity.  Note that another training course we’re running is suited for those people unsure about whether Trusteeship is a route for them (see below).

Specifically the IGNITE Steering Group is recruiting for new group members in the new year. If you are aged 18-30 and interested in helping us steer the direction of the IGNITE programme at VANEL then please get in touch. We’re preparing all the information – role descriptions etc, but the steering group will only meet every two months and in between that our work is online. So the commitment is minimal but very useful experience. It’s not a formal charity trustee role, but many of the experiences will be just the same. For an informal chat contact Karl and we’ll send you more info when ready.

Another final link back to Trustees Week in November. There were lots of very useful resources coming out of the workshops at the NCVO Trustee Conference.  I’ve shared some of them before but here’s a reminder of where to find them.  They are all worth you and your board reviewing and considering them.

Finally: we have a number of new governance training workshops scheduled for the start of 2018.  More details to follow, but here are some of the dates and topics for you to think about.  If you’re interested in any of them just get in touch with me.

“Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees” (details here)
– 9th January am
and 13th March am

“Could you be a Trustee?” – 17th Jan

“Finances for non-financial Trustees” – 13th Feb am

“Better Boards: using the Code to review and improve your governance” – 13th Feb pm

“Technology for Trustees” – 28th March

Much more detail to follow soon.

More news as always next week…

Karl Elliott, Development Manager / 01472 287548 – for an overview of our resources and information – for the Trustee Network blog and information – private discussion space for trustees