Update from the Volunteer Service at VANEL

The Volunteering Development Service from VANEL

Have you signed up to the Volunteering Development Service? If not you are missing out on a whole range of opportunities designed to help you continuously improve the quality of your volunteer programme!

For an annual subscription of just £50* your organisation can reap the following benefits:

  • Attend up to 6 Volunteer Managers Network meetings per year – any number of staff team members or volunteers can attend each meeting.

o   Why bother? Because as a volunteer manager we know you can feel really isolated in your role. The meetings provide peer support, lively  discussions about volunteering related issues, concerns, news, opportunities to develop partnership work with other organisations, group development of volunteer recruitment events and activities and news from other areas.

–  Advertise your volunteer opportunities via the Volunteer Centre and VANEL projects

o   Why bother? Because you then have access to potential volunteers through VANEL’s IGNITE Team (young volunteers age 16 – 30 years from a wide range of backgrounds up to post graduate level), the Blue Light Bridge (ex police, fire service officers and other professional backgrounds) and other people who get in touch with the volunteer centre via the VANEL website, telephone and other projects.

–  Enjoy reduced fees to achieve your Supporting Volunteers Award – a local quality award for volunteer involving organisations

o   Why bother? Gaining the Supporting Volunteers Award allows your organisation to demonstrate it provides an excellent volunteering experience. At level 1 we assess your systems and procedures against current best practice in volunteer management – a great opportunity to check you have everything in place and update anything that needs it. At level 2 we involve your volunteers – they tell us what it’s like to volunteer for your organisation – what better way to promote volunteering then using the words spoken by those already involved! Some organisations use SVA to ensure they have everything in place; others use it to build their programme using the standards within each Aware level.

o   Update your SVA? If you already have SVA level 1 and 2 it may have run out. The award lasts 3 years so if you achieved yours over 3 years ago it’s time to update. Get in touch and we will take your through the updated SVA and you can rest happily on your laurels knowing you are still providing a fabulous volunteering experience!

  • Enjoy a reduced fee on volunteer and volunteer management training courses.

o   Why bother? Many volunteer managers/supervisors are given their role without any training. Often they are they only one in their organisation that really understands the stresses and strains of their role. You will constantly be advertising and recruiting volunteers, regularly supporting and supervising them. VANEL can offer you training courses that increase your knowledge and skills and help you to develop new strategies to recruit and retain volunteers. Why pay full price when annual subscribers are paying significantly reduced fee’s to attend? Check out VANEL’s website for latest training courses and dates and find a brand new 2018 training diary attached here! We’ve even added a booking form so you can plan for 2018!

So what’s stopping you? Just complete the attached Volunteering Development Service Annual Subscription form and join today!

*£50 is the fee for VANEL member organisations. The fee for non-VANEL members is £75 per year. To find out more about becoming a VANEL member visit here.


The Volunteer Centre@VANEL will cease to use the www.do-it.org volounteer brokerage website from 1st January 2018. YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW!

If you wish to advertise your volunteer opportunities on this website please click on the do-it website link and register your organisation. Once you have registered you will receive an activation email from do-it which then allows you to upload all your volunteer opportunities. People will then apply online and you will receive applications directly into your ‘inbox’.

How will we continue to support volunteer recruitment?

From January 2018 the Volunteer Centre@VANEL will advertise volunteer opportunities for Volunteering Development Service Annual Subscribers on the VANEL website.

Please subscribe using the attached subscription form if you wish to continue to advertise  your roles via the Volunteer Centre. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s effective! And if you’ve got your SVA we will announce that too so potential volunteers know you provide a fantastic volunteering experience!

Liz and Jacky wish you a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year and look forward to supporting you in 2018!

Contact the Volunteer Centre:

Jacky Birkett – jacky@vanel.org.uk
Liz Dugard – liz@vanel.org.uk